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Your Tableau dashboards, but 10x faster – or we’ll give you Exasol for free.*

With a live connection from Exasol, you’ll run queries at least 10x faster – even on your slowest Tableau dashboard.

Exasol’s analytics database ranks #1 for performance and price-performance in TPC-H benchmarks.

We’re so confident we can 10x the speed of your database in 2 weeks or less that we’ll give you one free year of Exasol if your results don’t measure up. That’s a $25,000 value.*

Our team will work with yours to do the heavy lifting. We’ll get you up-and-running on the infrastructure of your choice, get the data in place, and test the dashboard.

You’ve got nothing to lose except that annoying spinner.

Your data warehouse can’t handle the demands of ad-hoc analytics. We can help.

Exasol’s high-performance analytics database brings power and speed to Tableau, processing and serving billions of rows in seconds.

10x faster than hyper extracts

Exasol eliminates the pitfalls of hyper extracts: server storage costs, daily maintenance, server strain, and security concerns.

Decrease daily maintenance

Automatic query tuning constantly improves performance while eliminating index creation and maintenance.

Improve centralized data governance

Manage rules around user access and data loads centrally, embedding them within the data source.

Deliver real-time analytics at scale, even as you grow

Our Massively Parallel Processing architecture (MPP) takes full advantage of your configuration, allowing for speedy response to any demand.

More time on analysis, less time on processing

Live connection empowers analysts with rapid visualizations and sub-second response times.

Deploy your way

Complete choice of deployment: on-prem, in the cloud, or hybrid – Exasol offers complete flexibility with no vendor lock-in.

Totally transparent pricing

With clear, predictable pricing from Exasol, there are no surprises as your usage increases.

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One dashboard.
Two weeks.
Ten times faster.

See for yourself what our customers love about using Exasol.

  • By using Exasol, several particularly complex queries are processed in near real time. The database also offers great integration with Tableau – adding Exasol to Tableau as a data source is as simple as selecting a menu option in Tableau.

    Florian Sanger Technical Director, Netzeffekt GMBH
  • Now, anyone within the organization can get access to see certain data through Tableau server and 311 members of staff are actively using Tableau desktop—much larger than the original business intelligence and data architecture teams of 24 people.

    Mark Jackson Head of BI, Piedmont Healthcare
  • Exasol’s analytics database proved impressive. Primarily due to an excellent price-performance ratio: low costs coupled with exceptional performance and integration with Hadoop.

    Andreas Bonet Product Owner, OTTO Group

Customer success is our top priority.

Boosted marketing analytics with high performance database

  • Achieved 500% performance gain over legacy data warehouse
  • Broader and comprehensive analysis by adding new data sources using Exasol’s Virtual Schema technology
  • Rapid Exasol and Tableau integration – 6 weeks from first test to production
  • Fast time to issue resolution – 24 hours turnaround time

Reduced patient harm 40% across 27 metrics

  • 6x faster dashboard refresh
  • Data processing time cut from 6 hours to 4 minutes
  • More data analyzed: from 14 months to 10 years
  • Increased Tableau adoption: from 24 to 300+ Tableau users

Obtained superior price/performance with data warehouse modernization

  • Improved Tableau loading speed and achieved 50% cost savings by replacing legacy data warehouse with Exasol
  • Allowed thousands of users to access data simultaneously with Exasol’s in-memory engine
  • Support multiple programming languages with Exasol’s UDF framework
  • Achieved seamless integrations between Hadoop, Exasol and Tableau
*Conditions apply. See requirements and full program details by clicking here