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EXASOL supports multiple network setups, those can be used either for network redundancy, increasing network bandwidth or splitting network payload.


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The active-backup setup supports both the private and public interfaces. Within this bond the active physical interface is sending and receiving traffic while the second bond member is in standby. If the active interface fails, the standby interface will take over communication immediately. Use EXAoperation to setup active-backup mode, use fields named "MAC Private Failsafety LAN" or "MAC Public Failsafety LAN" in the node's configuration.

Active-Active (Multiple Private Interfaces)

If you experience private network saturation, use EXAoperation to add additional private network interfaces. Private interfaces can be used for dedicated communication e.g. first private interface for EXASOL DB and the second private interface for EXAStorage or use all interfaces for EXASOL DB and EXAStorage.
Additional networks are first created in EXAoperation/Network/Additional Networks, then assigned to the corresponding node MAC addresses located in that additional VLANs. They are then assigned to EXASOL DB and/or EXAStorage. Interface IP addresses are auto-assigned through EXAoperation.

Active-Active (Multiple Public Interfaces)

Same as for multiple private interfaces but public interfaces are only usable in the EXASOL DB. Each additional public interface needs a dedicated subnet, the data nodes will get the same IP addresses as in the first public network, e.g. n0011 (1st public) -> (2nd public).

Shared Network Interface

In one of the upcoming v6.0.x release it will be possible to have one single interface which is used for both the public and private communication. This is done by having two tagged VLANs on a single network interface.

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