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1. General Information

This article provides information for deployment of the Tableau Turbo Appliance.

2. Requirements for the Deployment of Tableau Turbo Appliance

  1. Housing
    • Rackspace suitable to mount the server hardware
    • Power supply (2x)
    • Ethernet connectivity (links and cables)
  2. Hosting
    • Network configuration
    • Availability of ports and protocols
    • Support VPN
    • Backup share and backup schedule

3. Hardware Specification

Tableau Turbo is typically delivered on Dell PowerEdge R730 servers with the specifications outlined in the table below. These specifications may be subject to change and may vary depending on your shipping region.

Server Type Dell PowerEdge R730
Form factor 19" 2-U rackmount server
Dimensions H: 8.73 cm (3.44 in.) x W: 44.40 cm (17.49 in.) x D: 68.40 cm (26.92 in.)
Rack rail kit Dell ReadyRails sliding rail kit (provides tool-less support for racks with square or unthreaded round mounting holes) including a cable management arm which can be mounted on either the left or right side of the sliding rails without the use of tools for fast and easy deployment
Power supplies 2x Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 750W AC
Power cords 2x 2 meter rack power cables (12 A) with C13/C14 connectors
Network interface cards 4x Ethernet Copper RJ-45 Ports (2x 1-GBit/s, 2x 10-GBit/s)
Remote management Dell iDRAC8 Enterprise with Lifecycle Controller on a dedicated 1-GBit RJ-45 copper network port

4. Required network information

The Tableau Turbo Appliance comes pre-installed with EXASOL software. If details on the network configuration are provided, EXASOL will also pre-configure the appliance accordingly.

Note: while it is possible to assign addresses through DHCP, it is not recommended for the configuration of Tableau Turbo Appliance.

4.1. Client-access ("Public Interface") network configuration

The Appliance is equipped with four (4) ethernet connectors:

  • Two 1-GBit/s NIC connectors (RJ-45, copper)
  • Two 10-GBit/s NIC connectors (RJ-45, copper)

The following information is required for the configuration:

  1. Will the server be connected over the 1-GBit/s or 10-GBit/s ports?
  2. Is fail-over (active/passive) bonding of the links wanted?
  3. Mandatory information on the network:
    • IP-Address
    • Net mask
    • Default gateway
    • NTP server addresses (specify one to three IP addresses of reachable NTP servers for time synchronisation, see SOL-331 for details)
  4. Optional information on the network configuration:
    • DNS servers (specify IP addresses of servers for name resolution)
    • Search domain(s) for name resolution

4.2. iDRAC network configuration

The iDRAC Enterprise interface (100/1000 MBit/s RJ-45 Ethernet port) is used for out-of-bands and life cycle management, to collect system information and to monitor the hardware.

The following information is required for the configuration:

  1. IP-Address
  2. Net mask
  3. Default gateway

4.3. Ports and Protocols

The following table list the most important services, ports and protocols that need to be taken into account for network filtering (firewall).

It does not include ports required for

  • ETL/ELT (services used to import or export data) and
  • Backup shares.

Source Destination Protocol Port Description
Client(s) TT Appliance public interface TCP 20 SSH (maintenance)
Client(s) TT Appliance public interface TCP 22 SSH (cluster)
Client(s) TT Appliance public interface TCP 443 EXAoperation Web Administration Interface
Client(s) TT Appliance public interface TCP 8563 EXASolution database instance default port
Source Destination Protocol Port Description
Client(s) TT Appliance iDRAC interface TCP 22 SSH
Client(s) TT Appliance iDRAC interface TCP 443 iDRAC Web Administration Interface
Client(s) TT Appliance iDRAC interface TCP 5900 Virtual Console & Virtual Media
Source Destination Protocol Port Description
TT Appliance public interface DNS server(s) UDP 53 DNS (Name Resolution)
TT Appliance public interface NTP server(s) UDP 123 NTP time synchronisation
TT Appliance public interface Syslog server(s) TCP or UDP 514 Syslog (used to forward log messages from EXAoperation)
TT Appliance public interface LDAP server(s) TCP/UDP 389 LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
Source Destination Protocol Port Description
TT Appliance public interface TT Appliance iDRAC interface UDP 623 IPMI 2.0

4.4. Support VPN

A site-to-site IPSEC VPN enables EXASOL to support customers more efficiently and timely. Please see the article SOL-183 (EXASOL Support VPN) for details.

5. Backup Configuration

The Tableau Turbo Appliance includes mechanisms to push backups to shares accessible through FTP, FTPS, SMB/CIFS and SFTP. EXASOL provides a introductory video to demonstrate the configuration of such a backup destination: https://youtu.be/uZqA8Ddxc8o

For details on the backup and restore functionality, please refer to our EXASolution and EXAoperation manuals (downloadable from our customer portal).

Information required to configure the backup shares

  1. Address of the backup server
  2. Protocol (SMB, FTP, ...)
  3. Share name
  4. User name
  5. Password

6. Further Reading

EXASOL Manuals

The EXASolution and EXAoperation manuals provide in-depth information on EXASOL software. You can download the manuals after registration from our customer portal at https://www.exasol.com/portal/display/DOWNLOAD (see SOL-278 for details on the registration).

EXASOL knowledge portal

  • SOL-167 (First Steps with EXAplus)
  • SOL-317 (How to connect Tableau to an EXASOL database)

Dell documentation (external links)

Category 1: Cluster Administration - Hardware
Category 2: Cluster Administration - Installation
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