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As a customer, you will get access to your support dashboard where you can

  • follow your and your company's support tickets
  • explore our roadmap
  • check statistics on your individual database instances

Your support questions can be submitted either via email or directly using the support system and will be handled confidentially and will only be visible to your colleagues and to our EXASOL support team!

To ensure that confidentiality, the single-user accounts will be managed not by EXASOL, but rather by the customer itself. For that purpose, a MyEXASOL user manager should be named during the OnBoarding process.


The MyEXASOL User Manager receives a company PIN and forwards it to all the users, who should be granted access to the support dashboard.

As a user manager, you will be informed each time that somebody registers by using your company PIN. You have the possibility to confirm the registration or to reject it. After the registration, you can also "un-register" users anytime they no longer authorized to access company issues. To do so, please got to https://www.exasol.com/portal/display/EXA/User+Management and choose the appropriate issue and click on "Remove MyEXASOL User".

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