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Transaction conflicts, WAIT FOR COMMIT or ROLLBACK, each of them is possible. When querying system tables, read locks are implicitly set as follows:

-- readlock on all tables

WHERE TABLE_SCHEMA  = 'SCHEMA1';   -- readlock on tables in SCHEMA1

AND TABLE_NAME = 'TABLE1';        -- readlock on table SCHEMA1.TABLE1

This holds even for more complex filters if the following conditions are met:
1) The system table (in this case EXA_DBA_TABLES) is the only one used in the query.
2) The system table appears no more than once in the query (views built on top of this table, e.g. EXA_USER_TABLES, count as well)
3) Only filters which meet the following requirements are evaluated without read-locking all objects contained in the system table (Filter Type A):
a) Only one column is used in the filter
b) This column is filterable (e.g. table_schema, table_name)
c) The filter contains no lookups or references to other tables


If filters that violate the constraints above (Type B) are used, we distinguish two cases:
1) Filters of type A and B are combined via AND on the highest filter level: In this case, only objects that passed type A filters are read-locked.
2) Filters of type A and B are combined via OR on the highest filter level: In this case, all objects contained in the system table are read-locked.

Remark: In database versions before EXASolution 4.2.5, it may happen that unexpected read-locks are set when querying particular system tables which in fact are views (e.g. EXA_ALL_TABLES)

Category 1: Database Administration - Transactions
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