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This knowledge base article guides you through the initial installation process of a license server with EXASuite 5.0 on a VMware guest system.

Please note that EXASOL recommends the use of physical hardware for the installation of EXASuite cluster nodes including the license server. Refer to SOL-132 (General requirements for EXASolution clusters) for details and to https://www.exasol.com/portal/display/SOL/Hardware for a list of certified hardware.


Please download the recent EXASuite RELEASE ISO Image from the EXASOL customer portal (https://www.exasol.com -> User Portal):

VMWare Template

VMWare Parameter License Server
OS CentOS 4/5/6 64-bit
HW Rev. min. 9
vCPU min. 4 (1 S, 4 Cores)
vMEM min. 4 GB (8 GB recommended)
how many vNIC 2 (or more, depending on your cluster setup)
vSCSI 1x Paravirtual
Disk Size 1x min. 200 GB (sda)
Video card RAM 4
VMCI device Disabled
Power Mgmt no (Optimization)
Floppy no
Serial Port no
Parallel Port no
USB no
CD/DVD ROM yes (install)
VMware Tools yes
VMware Tools time syncronisation no
BIOS settings
  • change boot sequence (Network, HD)
  • Disable Diskette A,
  • Disable Serial Port A+B, Parallel port, Floppy disk
CPU reservation no
RAM reservation =vMEM
Advanced Options default
  • Network
    • the first network interface should be connected to the private network
    • the second network interface should be connected to the public network

Installation instructions

Boot from ISO Image EXASuite-5.0.XX-RELEASE.iso downloaded from EXASOL customer portal

Type install and press <ENTER>

Confirm "Unsupported Hardware Detected"
  • This is just a warning

Confirm the offered harddrive, Encrypt device is not necessary

Press <ENTER>
  • changes are only necessary if multiple private network are required

Confirm "Install EXAClusterOS on first boot"

Choose a strong password for the maintenance user and remember

Enter an appropriate network configuration for the public interface of the license server
  • the values in the picture are just given as an example
Check that the interfaces are assigned correctly
  • the values in the picture are just given as an example
Installation process
  • the installation takes a couple of minutes
  • the installation process looks like in the following

  • the system will reboot automatically if the installation has finished

First Boot

Boot from local hard drive
  • If the CDROM drive is still the first boot device you may choose local to boot from hard disk.
  • Change the boot order to boot from hard drive first
Boot Process of installed license server

If everything has installed correct the following will be shown

After a view minutes it is possible to access to EXAoperation
  • please use the public IP adress you have chosen
  • the values in the picture are just given as an example

Category 1: Cluster Administration - Installation
Category 2: 3rd Party Tools
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