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Which JDBC driver for Oracle shall I use?

The regular EXASolution installation already contains the Oracle thin JDBC driver preconfigured.
If you are using the community edition EXASolo you need to configure the Oracle thin JDBC driver in EXAoperation.
Click the "Add" button in Software -> JDBC drivers and configure the Main class and the prefix of the JDBC-URL:

Next upload the Oracle JDBC driver (e.g. ojdbc6.jar):

If you want to achieve best performance, consider to use the native Oracle interface (OCI) which is available through additional license options.


In EXAplus execute the following query to create a connection object in EXASolution:

CREATE CONNECTION ora_connection
TO 'jdbc:oracle:thin:@//'
user 'exatest'
identified by 'test';

Write IMPORT/EXPORT Statement

Test the connectivity by querying the Oracle system catalog, e.g.:

select * from 
import from jdbc at ora_connection
statement 'select * from all_tables'

If the query returns a resultset, you are ready to IMPORT some tables.
Otherwise please check your network settings and/or the settings of your Oracle instance.

Now you can IMPORT/EXPORT data from Oracle, e.g.:

import into STAGE_TABLE from jdbc at ora_connection
statement 'select * from MYORATABLE';

export SUMMARY_TABLE into jdbc at ora_connection table SUMMARY_TABLE;


If you are getting an "IO Error: connection reset" when trying to import data from Oracle over JDBC
(also see https://community.oracle.com/message/3701989) do the following steps in EXAoperation:

  • Shutdown database instance
  • Edit the database instance and add the following extra parameter
    -etlJdbcJavaEnv -Djava.security.egd=/dev/./urandom

  • Startup the database instance
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Category 2: SQL

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