Exasol Download area. You'r able to download different versions of the Exasol database to be used within your infrastructure.

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To download the appropriate software, please select the Exasol version on the left navigation menu which is used within your infrastructure.

Product versions and their meaning

We have organized our development to be able to react as flexible and fast as possible to new market requirements.

MajorMajor version containing big new featuresEvery 2-3 yearsA migration process is mandatory, since interfaces could have changed
MinorUpdates including small features and bugfixes which do not impact the systems stabilityEvery 6-12 monthsYou don't need to change anything, but benefit by the latest bugfixes and features
BugfixContains only bugfixesEvery 2-6 weeksOnly neccessary if you are concerned by the bugfixes