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Thanks to it's strong SQL optimizer, Exasol is equally suitable for any data model (star schema, snowflake schema, normlized or not, hub & spoke concept from data vault, ...). As database architect, you can choose whichever logical data modeling methodology you want. If you are going to re-design your database or implement a new one, we recommend that you to concentrate on the logical design and just map it to the physical data model.

To meet requirements of different users and provide them with specific (and probably simplified) access to the data, we recommend to use views implementing so called "virtual data marts"
  • instead of aggregating the data during ETL processes
  • instead of creating specific data marts
  • instead of de-normalizing the data

If you provide a data warehouse as a service for your clients, you have a wide range of multi-tenancy solutions from physically isolated data to shared data. To make an optimal decision you will need to consider technical as well as business aspects. General approaches to implement multi-tenancy is described in this article: SOL-149 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


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