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A step-by-step guide to upgrade Exasol from an earlier release to the latest release. Supported upgrade paths are as follows:

Things to consider before you start the upgrade:
  • Make sure you uninstall the 3rd Party EXAoperation plugins before you start the upgrade.
  • You already have a remote backup. For more information about remote backup, see Create a Remote Archive Volume and Restore a Database Instance from a Backup.
  • Check if the disk is encrypted.
  • Check if the cluster uses tagged private VLANs. You can download the nodes.xml file from EXAoperation to view this information.
  • Check the network configuration of the License server using a maintenance user account.

Upgrade options

You can upgrade to the latest release of Exasol 6.1 using following two options:

  • Using an ISO: Upgrade to Exasol on your existing installation using an ISO and keep the data from the earlier installation.
  • Using a backup: Install Exasol 6.1 on your hardware and then use a backup of your earlier installation to restore the data on the new installation.