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Our goal: You get the best out of Exasol!

Exasol is easy to work with and no extensive training is required. Our short and to-the-point courses will get you started and are designed to ensure you get the best out of a great product.

Certification now free until

May 31st

June 30th

Our online learning courses have always been free of charge, while certification is normally charged with 150 Euro per attempt. To help you make the best of your home office time during the Corona crisis, we offer now certification for free for a limited period until end of MayJune.

This is how that works:

You register and enroll to an Exacademy course as described below. After having completed the online learning course, you just write an email to with your registration details and the course you took. We will then reply with a voucher code that you can use for certification exam payment.

Course delivery formats

Exacademy (Online Learning)

Team Trainings (Instructor-led)

This is our primary delivery format: Free online training with videos, quizzes and hands-on practices. The content of these free courses is the same as with the instructor-led courses. Certification is optional and comes with a charge of 150 Euro per attempt.

Register for our free online courses here:

Instructor-led team trainings can be conducted at customer locations or via web conferences remotely. Instructor-led training is charged - usually your account manager will negotiate pricing. Certification is included with team trainings.

You may contact us at about team trainings.

Watch this short clip (4:13 minutes) to see what Exacademy looks like and how to register:

Course duration

Instructor-led, every course listed below is delivered by Exasol with a duration of one day. If taken online, it's up to the attendees how much time they want to dedicate to it. Also every online course could be completed within one day, though.

Common track

The courses in this track are suitable for anyone who uses Exasol in a technical role



Exasol Essentials (Prerequisite for all other courses)

  • Comprehensive introduction to Exasol
  • Database design recommendations for Exasol
  • Transactions in Exasol
  • Rights Management
  • Understanding system and statistical tables
  • ETL (Extract Transform Load) or ELT?

Exasol Certified Associate

40 questions

60 minutes time limit

65% passing score

Exasol Performance Management

  • Data distribution
  • Table partitioning
  • System analysis
  • Profiling
  • Indexes
  • Query optimization
  • Optimal database design
  • Best practices

Exasol Certified Performance Expert

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Developer track

The courses in this track are designed for database developers and data scientists



Exasol Database Development

  • Lua fundamentals
  • Expert knowledge on Lua scripts in Exasol
  • The query-wrapper framework
  • Preprocessor scripts
  • Best practices
  • Use cases

Exasol Certified Professional Developer

(Exasol Certified Associate as mandatory prerequisite)

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Exasol Advanced Analytics

  • Analysis of polystructured data and Big Data
  • UDF Scripts in Lua, Python, Java, and R
  • Extension of built-in languages
  • BucketFS
  • Debugging UDF Scripts
  • Connecting to external sources
  • Practice-based examples

Exasol Certified Expert for Advanced Analytics

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Administrator track

The courses in this track are designed for administrators in charge of an Exasol database



Exasol Administration Essentials (Everything not platform-specific)

  • Exasol Cluster Architecture
  • Manage EXAStorage volumes
  • Manage Exasol Databases
  • Backup
  • Restore
  • Upgrade

Exasol Certified Professional Administrator

(Exasol Certified Associate as mandatory prerequisite)

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Exasol Administration on premises

  • Exasol Cluster Architecture
  • Installing an Exasol Cluster on premises
  • Manage cluster nodes
  • FailSafety

Exasol Certified Expert for on premises deployment

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Exasol Administration on AWS

  • Exasol Cluster Installation on AWS using Cloud Deployment Wizard
  • Customize your Exasol environment on AWS
  • Scale up & down your Ec2 instances
  • Scale out by adding cluster nodes
  • Increase storage capacity on AWS
  • Fail Safety on AWS
  • Backup & Restore on AWS

Exasol Certified Expert for AWS deployment

30 questions

45 minutes time limit

75% passing score

Exacademy (Online Learning) general information

Our online courses

  • are free of charge
  • are completely self-paced (do it whenever you want, no deadlines, no expire time)
  • contain videos, quizzes and hands-on practices
  • offer charged certification as an option

Video introduction to Exacademy:

Register here:

Certification general information

Our certification exams

  • can be accessed via Exacademy (also for Instructor-led courses - see above video for demonstration)
  • can be done online as multiple-choice tests
  • are optional
  • are charged per attempt
  • payment directly or by certification voucher
  • 150 Euro list price per attempt