Maintenance Notification:
On next Monday August 5th 2019 starting at 7am CEST we will conduct some maintenance. You might encounter some issues using the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker! We will restore the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker before 9am CEST on Monday August 5th 2019.

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Maintenance Description


Maintenance is at the very core of the services EXASOL Exasol offers you. Essentially, it provides you with support for handling error reports in cases where the software is not functioning as described in the documentation. As part of the maintenance service, you also have access to a personalized support website, the latest version of EXASOLExasol, as well as other downloads.

Exasol software maintenance support is provided during business hours.

As depicted on Our Services page we offer our customer two types of service levels - Standard and Premium.

Important note

If you have to create a CRITICAL or MAJOR ticket outside GERMAN (CET/CEST time) business hours you must additionally call our support hotline.

Support Services - Description


This is the basic support on which we will assist you to identify your problem, understand the source and try to fix it. The support is available during our working days business hours on all known communication channels (Ticket, Email, Hotline).

If the subject of an Error Report is not an error (e.g a question on the product functionality, you may be invoiced for additional work done by EXASOLExasol. If this is the case, you will be advised in advance. 

Premium 24x7

Premium extends Standard by also covering incidents where the root cause is not necessarily within the software (see the Incident Management section for more details on this). 

EXASOL Exasol reserves a right to refer to the consultancy service if the amount of questions or efforts to response exceed a certain level (see also Performance Service). 

A VPN access to the corresponding cluster is required.

Service Levels

Error Processing Timeline

When you notify us of an incident or an error in the software, we will confirm the receipt within the agreed reaction times, and will request additional information if required. Exasol does not send you automated replies; even if you get a standard reply, it means that a support agent has read and understood your inquiry and has started working on the ticket. 

After receipt of the qualified error report, we will attempt to reproduce the error. If the error can be reproduced, our support agents will inform you within the processing time whether the cause is a software error and will provide an estimated time until a solution or fix is available.

If necessary, our support agents will discuss the next steps with you and may suggest a work-around to avoid downtime or operational problems. Once a work-around is provided, the solution time ends.

titleSupport Agents

Our support agents are highly knowledgeable EXASOL Exasol experts who will provide you with assistance.

  • EXASOL Exasol does not send out automated response E-mails. This means that when you receive a response E-mail during the support process, it was sent by a support agent.

  • When you call the hotline, you will be put into contact with one of our EXASOL Exasol experts.

Reported Errors are differentiated according to the following priorities:

  • Critical (Blocker) - see IMPORTANT NOTE
    Impairment of business critical processes, e.g. processes with high priority and a fixed time frame cannot be processed in due time. There is no possibility to avoid the Error; proper operation is generally not possible.
  • Major
    Impairment of important functions, e.g. processes with high priority can only be processed with extensive workaround solutions; work with the Software is significantly limited.
  • Normal
    Single functions of minor importance are not available or important functions are available by working around the problems; the Error affects only a function or module that the Customer does not need or use continuously and/or essentially. Furthermore, the system functionality is not affected or at least not substantially limited.
  • Minor
    An Error occurs, which does not have severe effects. Miscellaneous disturbances/ feature requests to the product with low priority.

The priority is initially determined by customer. If customer does not make any statements about the priority, the reported Error will receive the priority level “Normal”. 

titleQualified Error Report
  1. The description of your issue or service request should be as clear and detailed as possible. Include important information such as the affected database instance or cluster, the specific date and time the issue occurred, the affected session ID, etc.
  2. Set the appropriate support priority for your issue
  3. If Exasol does not have access to your system, you need to upload your log files. For more information, refer to Upload Log Files article
  4. For issues to do with performance, you need to upload statistic data. For more information, refer to Upload Statistic Data article

Use only formal communication channels for dealing with support. In other words, please do not contact the support agents or presales resources directly.