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    • Scalability: easily scale out a cluster by adding additional nodes to process more data and to serve more concurrent users
    • High availability: When a nodes failes the system automatically tries to repair this node or include includes a standby node into the system (if a standby node was configured).

However, for small data sizes and or evaluation purposes a single-node system might be be sufficient and appropriate.

Setting up a cluster using our CloudFormation templates is as easy as setting up a single node system.


For troubleshooting & and information on how to register for community support please refer to 

serverIssue Tracker
 and to the solution documents listed below.

Database System Documentation

You can find all the relevant documentation on using and administrating Exasol in the Exasol User Portal

The Solution Center that can also be found in the User Portal provides all kinds of problem specific guides for using, integrating and optimizing Exasol.

More Information 

Recommendations for using Exasol on AWS