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A list of solution articles with explanations and task descriptions for EXASOL functionality.

SolutionSummaryCategoryIssue Type
SOL-146Clients and fail safetyClients, Interfaces & DriversExplanation
SOL-272Microsoft Analysis Services (SSAS) ConnectivityClients, Interfaces & DriversHow To
SOL-312Install EXAplus and other packages on Windows with AppLocker policies enforcedClients, Interfaces & DriversHow To
SOL-123After updating Java to version 7u65 the EXAplus-GUI doesn't start anymoreClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusWorkaround
SOL-137How to start EXAplus in background modeClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusExplanation
SOL-167First Steps with EXAplusClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusHow To
SOL-184EXAplus compatibility with Java versionsClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusExplanation
SOL-362EXAplus Scrollbar Disappears if Content is Too LongClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusExplanation
SOL-364Import/export with the option SECURE fails for some Java versionsClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusWorkaround
SOL-467EXAplus FavoritesClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusHow To
SOL-549How to get a java stacktrace for EXAplusClients, Interfaces & Drivers - EXAplusHow To
SOL-392Connecting JasperSoft JasperReports via JDBC to EXASOLClients, Interfaces & Drivers - JDBCExplanation
SOL-133The native C++ interfaceClients, Interfaces & Drivers - Native CLI InterfaceExplanation
SOL-117Produce ODBC-logs for Windows or UnixClients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCHow To
SOL-134Connect Perl to EXASolutionClients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCHow To
SOL-153Install EXASolution ODBC driver on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS, SolarisClients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCHow To
SOL-154Install EXASolution ODBC driver on AIX, HP-UX, Linux, MacOS, Solaris (Version 4.2)Clients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCHow To
SOL-185Problems with special characters (UTF-8) in php using unixODBCClients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCWorkaround
SOL-7Truncated column names in PHPClients, Interfaces & Drivers - ODBCWorkaround
SOL-282EXASolo does not use more RAM after increase in VM RAMCluster AdministrationWorkaround
SOL-339Enable internet access for EXASolo (Community Edition)Cluster AdministrationHow To
SOL-345EXASOL Software StackCluster AdministrationExplanation
SOL-476Operation and Support in Virtualized EnvironmentsCluster AdministrationHow To
SOL-489EXAStorage Volume TypesCluster AdministrationExplanation
SOL-491EXAStorage Logical ViewCluster AdministrationExplanation
SOL-492EXAStorage Fail Safety MechanismCluster AdministrationExplanation
SOL-237Synchronising backups between clustersCluster Administration - BackupHow To
SOL-33Backup-MonitoringCluster Administration - BackupExplanation
SOL-359Remote Volumes and digitally signed communicationCluster Administration - BackupWorkaround
SOL-68Retrieving cluster backupsCluster Administration - BackupHow To
SOL-88Backup of only selected schemasCluster Administration - BackupExplanation
SOL-99Backup StagesCluster Administration - BackupExplanation
SOL-103Howto get debug informationCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-105Free database disk space (filesystem)Cluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-140Remove nodes permanently from clusterCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-177EXAStorage Disk EnlargementCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-183EXASOL Support VPNCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-202Estimated time to finish for volume recoveryCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-261Cluster Enlargement: Adding Additional NodesCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-263How to estimate duration of REORGANIZE DATABASE when enlarging a clusterCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-297Shell Access (root user)Cluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-308EXASolo Disk EnlargementCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-368Resolve checksum mismatches after an EXAStorage node moveCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementWorkaround
SOL-41How to assign multiple network interfacesCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-484EXASOL default disk layoutCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-522AWS how to create a HAproxy Load Balancer with floating IPCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-80Starting and stopping clusters using XML-RPCCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementHow To
SOL-96How to calculate free database disk spaceCluster Administration - Cluster ManagementExplanation
SOL-310Swap active/reserve node for a database instanceCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementHow To
SOL-353Description of the automatic process to move data after node failuresCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementExplanation
SOL-360Authenticate EXASolution user against LDAP serverCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementHow To
SOL-388Virtual-access on database backupsCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementHow To
SOL-410EXAoperation how-to activate a new licenseCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementExplanation
SOL-528Maximum Volume SizeCluster Administration - DB Instance ManagementExplanation
SOL-132General system requirements for EXASolution clustersCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-156Dell PowerEdge R720 & R720xdCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-158Dell PowerEdge R710Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-159ProLiant DL380 G8Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-160ProLiant DL380 G7Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-161ProLiant DL380 G6 (P62)Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-162Primergy RX300 S6Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-163Primergy RX300 S4Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-197Certification processCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-266Adding disks to EXAStorageCluster Administration - HardwareHow To
SOL-283Dell PowerEdge R730 & R730xdCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-315ProLiant DL380 G9 (P89)Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-337IBM x3550 M3Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-346Requirements for Tableau Turbo AppliancesCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-406Dell PowerEdge R730 - 2016Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-407Dell PowerEdge R310Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-415Dell PowerEdge R330Cluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-537HP BL460c Gen9 + HP D2220sbCluster Administration - HardwareExplanation
SOL-173How to Install the Community EditionCluster Administration - InstallationExplanation
SOL-207Installation of a License Server in a VMware guest systemCluster Administration - InstallationHow To
SOL-326Free Small Business Edition (EXAone) InstallationCluster Administration - InstallationHow To
SOL-439Cluster Installation Preparation (physical hardware)Cluster Administration - InstallationHow To
SOL-459Cluster Installation Preparation (Network)Cluster Administration - InstallationHow To
SOL-460Cluster Installation Preparation (Firewall)Cluster Administration - InstallationHow To
SOL-493Creating a remote ARCHIVE VolumeCluster Administration - InstallationExplanation
SOL-331Configuring NTP servers via EXAoperationCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-332Manually setting time via EXAoperationCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-366How to monitor free database disk spaceCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-424Install VMware Tools via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-447Install collectd via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-465Install DELL OMSA 8.1 via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-466Install HP SPP via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-555Install FSC Linux Agents via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-556Install Protegrity via XML-RPCCluster Administration - Monitoring & LoggingHow To
SOL-295How to change public IP subnetCluster Administration - NetworkHow To
SOL-370EXASOL Database Network Port Usage SummaryCluster Administration - NetworkExplanation
SOL-521AWS how to create a classic Load Balancer for EXASOL using AWS toolsCluster Administration - NetworkHow To
SOL-527EXASOL Networking BondsCluster Administration - NetworkExplanation
SOL-206Update EXASuite 5.0.1 to 5.0.3Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-246Update EXASuite 4.2.10 to EXASolution and EXAClusterOS 4.2.15 + Patchlevel 7Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-247Indices and update to 5.0.7 (or higher) and downgrade to 5.0.6 (or earlier)Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-252Update EXASuite 5.0.3 to 5.0.6Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-253Update EXASuite 5.0.6 to 5.0.7Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-254Howto install OS patchlevel for EXASuite 5Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-273Update to EXAClusterOS 5.0.9 Patchlevel 1 + EXASolution 5.0.10Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-276Update EXASuite 5.0.7 to 5.0.9Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-286Views and update to 5.0.11 (or higher) and downgrade to 5.0.10 (or earlier)Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-294Update EXASuite 5.0.9 to 5.0.11Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-327Update EXASuite 5.0.3+ to 5.0.12Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-450Upgrade solution 5.0.x to version 6.0Cluster Administration - UpdateExplanation
SOL-473Update EXASuite 5.0.3+ to 5.0.16Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-474Howto install cumulative OS patchlevel for EXASuite 5Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-504How to upgrade from version 5 to version 6Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-89Update EXASuite 4.2.6 to EXASolution 4.2.8 + OS Patchlevel 2Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-93Update to EXASuite 4.2.9Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-94Update to EXASuite 5.0Cluster Administration - UpdateHow To
SOL-170AuditingDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-171Database sizeDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-186IDLE ConnectionsDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-221LogServerDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-222EXA_STATISTICS schemaDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-223SYS schemaDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-231Copy Database scriptDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-234Create table DDL Lua scriptDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-296Session management in EXASolutionDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-30Statistics export for support V4.2.xDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-373How to calculate the backup duration from the system events tableDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-38Statistics export for support V5.0.xDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-39Connection management in EXASolution (query queue)Database AdministrationExplanation
SOL-432How to enable auditingDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-437Downloading database usage statisticsDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-445Synchronization of LDAP / Active Directory Groups and Members to EXASOL Database Users and RolesDatabase AdministrationHow To
SOL-449Privileges overviewDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-58LDAP Server ConfigurationDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-65Manual LDAP connection testDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-71Creating an EXASOL debug user on databaseDatabase AdministrationExplanation
SOL-136Data distributionDatabase Administration - Data OrganizationExplanation
SOL-6IndexesDatabase Administration - Data OrganizationExplanation
SOL-95Update to EXASuite 5.0: REOGRANIZE DATABASEDatabase Administration - Data OrganizationHow To
SOL-101Replication borderDatabase Administration - PerformanceExplanation
SOL-181How to estimate duration of REORGANIZE DATABASE when upgrading to 5.0Database Administration - PerformanceHow To
SOL-204Local and global joinsDatabase Administration - PerformanceExplanation
SOL-243Resource ManagementDatabase Administration - PerformanceExplanation
SOL-288Analyzing disk I/O and concurrency based on *_last_day dataDatabase Administration - PerformanceHow To
SOL-87Main Memory Management and Performance IndicationsDatabase Administration - PerformanceExplanation
SOL-244Priority GroupsDatabase Administration - Priorities & Resource ManagementExplanation
SOL-75How to explain query performance using profilingDatabase Administration - ProfilingExplanation
SOL-135Transaction SystemDatabase Administration - TransactionsExplanation
SOL-214WAIT FOR COMMIT on SELECT statementDatabase Administration - TransactionsExplanation
SOL-27Filter on system tables and transaction conflictsDatabase Administration - TransactionsExplanation
SOL-285How to determine idle sessions with open transactionsDatabase Administration - TransactionsHow To
SOL-149Multi-Tenancy: It is all about trustDatabase DesignExplanation
SOL-251Bad data distribution after cluster enlargementDatabase DesignExplanation
SOL-256Best practice: Datatypes and JoinsDatabase DesignExplanation
SOL-452UNION ALL optimizationDatabase DesignExplanation
SOL-144SFTP performanceETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-178IMPORT/EXPORT with Microsoft SQL ServerETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-179IMPORT data from Oracle over JDBCETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-188JDBC IMPORT/EXPORT: Create and receive JDBC logsETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-195Hive JDBC connectionETL / Data IntegrationWorkaround
SOL-196EXAloader 3rd party JDBC requirements for IMPORT and EXPORT commandETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-213Loading data from a DB2 database via JDBC interfaceETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-232BI Connect: Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) with EXASOLUTIONETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-249IMPORT 0000-00-00 00:00:0000 from MySQLETL / Data IntegrationWorkaround
SOL-274Import processes for use with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage™ETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-304How to load multiple small files from an FTP Server in parallelETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-322How to IMPORT/EXPORT CSV files from/to HDFSETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-367XML-parsing using Java UDFsETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-428Proper csv export from MySQLETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-429CSV format for IMPORT/EXPORT: General formatting rulesETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-430Proper csv export from IBM DB2ETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-440Proper csv export from OracleETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-442Proper csv export from PostgreSQLETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-448Proper csv export from Microsoft SQL ServerETL / Data IntegrationHow To
SOL-456How to do data loading performance tests?ETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-525Extracting data from SAP system (BW/ERP/R3)ETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-534Network Requirements for Hadoop ConnectivityETL / Data IntegrationExplanation
SOL-191Import/Export processes for use with Amazon AWS S3™Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-354EXASolution backup/restore processes for use with Amazon AWS S3™ bucketsPlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-374AWS EXAStorage disk enlargementPlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-377EXASOL on AWS: Getting Started (Single Node, AWS Marketplace)Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-382EXASOL on AWS: FAQ on SupportPlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSExplanation
SOL-385AWS Adding nodes to an existing clusterPlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-402AWS Installation Guide (Single Node)Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-403AWS Installation Guide (Cluster)Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-405AWS CloudFormation CLI (aws-cf)Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-408AWS command line installer ( Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-416EXASOL on AWS: FAQ on Installation & ConfigurationPlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSExplanation
SOL-434AWS Multiple EXAStorage Disks per NodePlattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-543AWS command line installer ( 5.0.18Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-544AWS Installation Guide (Cluster) 5.0.18Plattform Support - EXASOL on AWSHow To
SOL-264EXASOL on Azure: Getting StartedPlattform Support - EXASOL on AzureHow To
SOL-265EXASOL on Azure: FAQ on Installation & ConfigurationPlattform Support - EXASOL on AzureHow To
SOL-268EXASOL on Azure: BackupPlattform Support - EXASOL on AzureHow To
SOL-280EXASOL on Azure: FAQ on SupportPlattform Support - EXASOL on AzureHow To
SOL-129NULL inside Lua scripts and user-defined functionsScriptingExplanation
SOL-260Using EXAoperation XMLRPC with Python >= 2.7.9ScriptingWorkaround
SOL-307Check connectibility of EXASolution to external network servicesScriptingHow To
SOL-335Enforcing session limits using a watchdog scriptScriptingHow To
SOL-381Send an EMAIL from Lua scriptScriptingHow To
SOL-42Parallel script execution inside a Lua scriptScriptingWorkaround
SOL-423Analyzing text differencesScriptingHow To
SOL-127NULL in EXASolutionSQLExplanation
SOL-128MERGE StatementSQLExplanation
SOL-130Multi-path SQL: Tables vs. Views vs. SubselectsSQLHow To
SOL-164Questions on ROWIDSQLExplanation
SOL-166How to create tables and viewsSQLHow To
SOL-168Analytical functionsSQLExplanation
SOL-172User-defined scalar functions (pl/SQL style)SQLExplanation
SOL-2[0A000] Feature not supported: more than one EXISTS per predicateSQLExplanation
SOL-201Using arbitrary JAR (Java Archive) libraries within UDFs (User Defined Functions)SQLHow To
SOL-226Details on DELETE operationSQLExplanation
SOL-257How to use EXASolution R SDKSQLHow To
SOL-291Using EXAPowerlytics to implement generic analytic functions with support for complex windowingSQLHow To
SOL-40Unmatched national characters in regular expressionsSQLExplanation
SOL-102DOUBLE valuesSQL - Data typesExplanation
SOL-124[04000] Error while evaluating filter: Compression problem detected. Try recompressing used tables. See also EXASOL-1244SQL - Data typesWorkaround
SOL-138Convert hexadecimal values to a decimalSQL - Data typesHow To
SOL-145Unicode Support in EXASolutionSQL - Data typesExplanation
SOL-372Bing maps and QuadTree calculationSQL - Data typesHow To
SOL-55Filter on DOUBLE columnsSQL - Data typesExplanation
SOL-79How does exasol determine the data type of a multiplicationSQL - Data typesExplanation
SOL-417PaginationSQL - OptimizationHow To
SOL-182Use the SQL preproccesor to support postgreSQL/MySQL functions (e.g. DATE )SQL - SQL preprocessorHow To
SOL-258Use the SQL preprocessor to support CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS statementsSQL - SQL preprocessorWorkaround
SOL-104What is Skyline ?UDFs and In-Database AnalyticsExplanation
SOL-211Esri: (reverse) geocoding with ArcGIS REST API and EXASolution GEOMETRY data typeUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-239Custom aggregate functions in EXAPowerlytics for large data setsUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-240Skyline Tutorial: EnergymapUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-241EXAPowerlytics tutorial featuring rpart, stratified sampling, and RedisUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-303Parsing JSON data with pythonUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-320Examining expression types using UDFUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-325Testing HTTP connections using python UDFUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-341Use Google Maps API with EXASOLUDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-443How to create and use User Defined Functions (UDF) ?UDFs and In-Database AnalyticsHow To
SOL-539Row Level Security via Virtual SchemaUDFs and In-Database Analytics - pythonExplanation
SOL-542Deploying an R scoring model in EXASOL via UDFUDFs and In-Database Analytics - RExplanation
SOL-114How to use EXASolution as Linked Server in MS SQL Server3rd Party ToolsHow To
SOL-151SAP BODS3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-155DBSchema3rd Party ToolsHow To
SOL-165Talend Data Integration - Connectivity3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-174Adding additional JDBC drivers for use in EXASolution3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-190UDF Hadoop connection3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-192Business Objects connection3rd Party ToolsHow To
SOL-193JMeter connection3rd Party ToolsHow To
SOL-31Unica: Unicode Strings like N'String'3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-34Correct settings for ODBC driver3rd Party ToolsWorkaround
SOL-421SqlAlchemy and Exasol3rd Party ToolsExplanation
SOL-419Aqua Data Studio with EXASOL3rd Party Tools - Database ModelingHow To
SOL-148Pentaho Data Integration - PDI, former Kettle3rd Party Tools - ETLHow To
SOL-290How to create ODBC Logfiles with Tableau3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsHow To
SOL-299How to connect IBM Cognos with EXASolution3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsHow To
SOL-317How to connect Tableau to an EXASOL database3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsExplanation
SOL-318How to connect Microstrategy Analytics Desktop to an EXASOL database3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsExplanation
SOL-369How To connect Qlik Sense Desktop to an EXASOL database using DIRECT QUERY3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsHow To
SOL-371How To connect Qlik View Desktop to an EXASOL database using DIRECT QUERY3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsHow To
SOL-551Advanced Query Tool (AQT)3rd Party Tools - Vizualization & AnalyticsHow To
SOL-108Best Practices for MS SQL Server IMPORT/EXPORT
SOL-262Add watchers to support ticket in the JIRA Web Frontend
How To
SOL-278MyEXASOL Registration
SOL-306Retrieve restricted download content in the EXASOL User Portal
How To
SOL-438Technical Requirements & Prerequisites for EXASOL Mobile Test System
SOL-503How to create an EXABucketFS service and bucket
How To
SOL-508Terms & Conditions for End Customers
SOL-547EXASOL <-> ODBC data type mappings
How To