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What is new in Version 6.1?

Release 6.1 focuses on evolution instead of revolution. We put a strong emphasis on "Enterprise Readiness" and, as always, on performance and scalability.

A short overview of what you can expect from Version 6.1:

Performance & Scalability

  • Table partitioning ("partition by")
    Increases the overall performance, scalability and resource efficiency by managing data objects in smaller distinct independent parts.
  • Index Structures for Geospatial functions
    Highly efficient index structures for geospatial functions for fast query evaluation on geospatial data.
  • Remote Backup & Restore performance optimizations
    Accelerates backup and restore operations. Internal benchmarks revealed a speedup of around factor 3 for backup creation and around factor 2 for restore operations.
  • Improved and accelerated string function processing
    Acceleration of string functions and operators (e.g. 'like')

Enterprise Readiness

  • SSO/Kerberos support with delegation
    Increase security and improve user experience by integrating Exasol into Kerberos-based enterprise authentication infrastructures
  • Impersonation
    Increase security and improve user experience when a Kerberos integration is not feasible
  • Flexible Priority Groups
    Flexible priority management provides means to manage a potentially large number of  user groups in terms of resource assignment with ease.
  • Data volume quota at schema level
    Efficiently manage the available disk space by limiting the maximal amount of raw data that can be used in a given schema.
  • Password Policies
    Increase the system security by enforcing password policies (e.g. password complexity, length, expiry).
  • Full disk prevention by query abort
    Identify and abort queries that may harm the system availability by utilizing too large amounts of temporary storage.
  • Switch to CentOS 7
    Upgrade the underlying operating system to CentOS 7 to ensure compatibility with future hardware and software components.

With this version, there is no distinction between Advanced and Standard Edition anymore. All editions include: UDF and Scripting Support (Python, R, JAVA,Lua), Pluggable Language Support, Geospatial, Skyline, Virtual Schema, Advanced Import.


We are also making a series of videos available that present the new features and improvements in technical detail. What’s more, over the coming months we will be building out our online education materials. Version 6.1 tutorial videos can be viewed here: Exasol 6.1 User Portal

Exacademy Training

You can get certified with 6.1 using the new Exacadamy course which can be found here.

SQL Tools 

Starting with Exasol version 6.1, DbVisualizer Pro from DBVis is the recommended database tool for Exasol users, gradually replacing EXAplus GUI.


DbVisualizer is a universal database tool that has been optimized to support features and ways of working specific to Exasol and Exasol users. This is a joint effort by expert developers from Exasol and DbVis Software.

For version 6.0, EXAplus GUI will still be maintained. EXAplus 6.0 GUI is fully compatible with our Exasol database 6.1. Furthermore the Comand Line Version of EXAplus will still be maintained in all releases.

Additionally to DBVisualizer Pro, also a free DBVisualizer version is available that offers basic functionality. But for using all Exasol-specific features, you have to upgrade to the Pro Version using a license key acquired from DBVis.

Product page for DBVisualizer:

Further alternative SQL tools with comprehensive Exasol support are DataGrip from Jetbrains and the open source tool DBeaver.


Commercial SQL Client with very good support for UDF developers. DataGrip is based on Jetbrain's powerfull IDE platform. (


OpenSource SQL Client with comprehensive support for Exasol (

Latest 6.1 Downloads

Here you can find the latest released Downloads in Version 6.1.0. Not every component is released with each Bugfix release, e.g. drivers are only released if there is a change.

Important Notes (update)

We identified a possible data corruption in an edge case scenario in Exasol versions 6.1.0 through 6.1.5, a fix was released with version 6.1.6.

We do not recommend operating any of the affected versions; if you are, update as soon as possible.

For more information, please see the official change log issue: EXASOL-2532 (login required)

Please carefully read the Changed Behavior section on page Version 6.1.0 before upgrading from 5.0.x to 6.1.0. In case you update from a 6.x version to another, please also read the changed behavior section on the appropriate sub page for the new version (and for the versions you might have skipped).

Keep in mind upgrading from 6.0.x needs to be done via the ISO upgrade or by unloading and reloading your data. See Upgrade Guide.

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CentOS Security Updates

In this section you find security update packages for the CentOS operating system. These updates are not contained in EXAClusterOS update packages and have to be installed separately. The security updates contained in the packages correspond to the official CentOS announcements at Please refer to the threads on this list for further details. The CentOS security updates are cumulative, i.e. applying the most recent security updates installs all past security updates for this CentOS version. After a security update is installed, the system requires a restart. The downloads are visible only for registered customers that signed up for MyEXASOL.

CentOS Security Updates are now cumulative. The most recent security update contains all past updates for this CentOS version.

content type Affected Version/s download links