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Learn how to get most out of Exasol.

At Exasol, we are pleased to offer an extensive education program to our partners and customers that includes a set of training courses.  Our goal is simple: to ensure the successful deployment and implementation of Exasol's fast, in-memory analytic database.

Through a range of hands-on courses, Exasol users can get the knowledge and training they need in order to get the most out of their Exasol database.  Each course focuses on a range of topics that is relevant to a specific part of the Exasol database and is geared to certain roles, whether you are a database developer or administrator.

Upon successful completion of a course, students can attend in a certification exam to earn an Exasol training certificate.

Training Models

Exacademy Trainings (Online)

Public and Team Trainings (On-Site)

Certification (Online)

Learn with videos and interactive hands-on exercises - anywhere and anytime.

Learn from Exasol experts at Instructor-Led Classroom Trainings.

Earn a certificate and validate your expertise.

All public and team trainings include a free certification. For Exacademy trainings, the certification cost is 150 EUR.

Learning Paths by Role

Exasol Database Developer

Exasol Database Administrator

Upcoming Exacademy Trainings (Online)

Upcoming Public Trainings

More Courses by Certified Trainings Partners

You are looking for public training courses in Hamburg? Please have a look at the offerings of our certified training partner PCS.

Important notes

Please note that every participant needs to sign up personally. This is necessary to share training information, materials, ...

Information sheets for all locations are attached. Those sheets include travel information, information on accommodation and technical preparations.

Information sheets

Offered Training Courses

Exasol Database Development Essentials – 2 days

  • Comprehensive introduction to EXASolution
  • Database design best practices
  • Database administration basics, e.g. TMS, 
    user and rights management
  • Understanding of system and statistical tables
  • Scripting basics
  • ETL concepts and best practices

Exasol Performance Management – 1 day

  • Optimal database design
  • Data distribution
  • System analysis
  • Profiling
  • Indexes
  • Best practices
  • Query analysis
  • Query optimization

Exasol Scripting Essentials – 1 day

  • LUA fundamentals
  • Expert knowledge on procedure scripts
  • Best practices
  • Use-cases

Exasol Advanced Analytics – 1 day

  • Analysis of polystructured data or big data
  • EXAPowerlytics in depth
  • Extension of built-in languages
  • Debugging
  • Connecting to external sources
  • Practice-based examples

Exasol Administration Essentials – 2 days

  • Comprehensive introduction to the cluster architecture
  • Standard administrative tasks, e.g.
    • Startup / shutdown of services and nodes
    • Creating volumes and database instances
    • Performing and scheduling backups
  • Advanced tasks and concepts including failover,
    updates and XML-RPC interface
  • Cluster enlargement

Exasol Cluster Installation (Workshop) – 1 day

  • Comprehensive introduction to the cluster architecture
  • Installation on preconfigured hardware

Exasol Partner Sales – 1 day (Partners Only)

  • Comprehensive introduction to EXASOL
  • Market Positioning in the Database Space
  • Customer Stories
  • Prospecting, Value Proposition
  • Opportunity Management
  • Sizing and Pricing
  • Marketing Integration
  • Presentation
If you have further questions, please drop us a mail at training(at)
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