Maintenance Notification:
On next Monday August 5th 2019 starting at 7am CEST we will conduct some maintenance. You might encounter some issues using the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker! We will restore the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker before 9am CEST on Monday August 5th 2019.

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We have implemented some significant changes in our training and certification programme.

Certification now free until May 31st

Our online learning courses have always been free of charge, while certification is normally charged with 150 Euro per attempt. To help you make the best of your home office time during the Corona crisis, we offer now certification for free for a limited period until end of May.

This is how that works:

You register and enroll to an Exacademy course as described here. After having completed the online learning course, you just write an email to with your registration details and the course you took. We will then reply with a voucher code that you can use for certification exam payment.

Online Learning as primary delivery format

We consider now free online training via to be our primary course delivery format. Public instructor-led training has been discontinued. Instructor-led team training is still offered on demand, though.

Online Learning courses completely self-paced

The free online learning courses available on are now completely self-paced. We discontinue the formerly used two-weeks duration for online learning courses. After enrollment, the course content is available for an unlimited time and there are no more deadlines for hands-on practices.

Course duration always one day

When Exasol delivers one of the courses from our new curriculum detailed below, the duration is one day for every instructor-led course. Taken as a free online learning course, it's up to the attendees how much time they want to dedicate to the course. Each online learning course could be completed within one day, though.

No more User Portal (Jira) accounts needed for Exasol training

We discontinued using Jira for Exasol training purposes. Registration and enrollment for Exacademy can be done by attendees on directly. Courseware can then be downloaded there. Certification can be accessed via Exacademy. Your old Jira training accounts will just expire automatically with no need to re-activate them. Your training and certification records will be preserved, though. Communication on behalf of team trainings will be done by email ( respectively via your Exasol account manager.

New course curriculum

Our course curriculum has been enhanced and improved to better suit customer demands. We introduced a common course track with content that is relevant for anyone who uses Exasol in a technical role:

How does it map to courses you have already taken?

If you did training with us before, you may wonder how these changes are mapping to your past courses:

Your old course

Mapping to the new curriculum structure

Exasol Database Development Essentials (2 days, now retired)Exasol Essentials (Everything not Lua related) + Exasol Database Development (Lua scripting)
Exasol Performance Management (1day, no change)Exasol Performance Management
Exasol Advanced Scripting (1day, now retired)Exasol Database Development (same content as former Exasol Advanced Scripting)
Exasol Advanced Analytics (1day, no change)Exasol Advanced Analytics
Exasol Database Adminstration Essentials (2 days, now retired)

Exasol Administration Essentials (Everything not platform-specific) + Exasol Administration on premises

If you attended the old course Exasol Database Administration Essentials but not the old Exasol Database Development Essentials course, we strongly recommend you enroll to the new course Exasol Essentials.

These changes remove duplicate content and administrators and developers find now content that is relevant for both job roles in the common track. The duration of one day for each course makes it easier to asses the time you need to spend for your Exasol education.

Certification changes

All certification exams (also for instructor-led trainings) can now be accessed via Exacademy. Payment can be done online per attempt or by purchasing certification vouchers upfront. Exasol partners get a discount for certification voucher contingents. These voucher codes can be entered online directly by the examinee. The certificate and a certification badge can now be downloaded directly after passing the exam.



Exasol Essentials (Prerequisite for all other courses)

Exasol Certified  Associate
Exasol Performance ManagementExasol Certified Performance Expert
Exasol Database Development

Exasol 6 Certified Professional Developer (ECA mandatory)

Exasol Advanced AnalyticsExasol Certified Expert for Advanced Analytics
Exasol Administration EssentialsExasol 6 Certified Professional Administrator (ECA mandatory)
Exasol Administration on premisesExasol Certified Expert for on premises deployment
Exasol Administration on AWSExasol Certified Expert for AWS deployment

Exasol Certified Professional (ECP)

We introduced the Exasol 6 Certified Professional Developer and the Exasol 6 Certified Professional Administrator with the idea to offer a common Exasol 7 New Features course after version 7 has been released together with a common upgrade exam that enables you to upgrade your ECP 6 to ECP 7. This will be continued with every following major release. That way, it's easy for you to keep up with Exasol's new features and to indicate that updated knowledge to the public as well.

How do the new certificates map to my old ones?

Old certificate

New certificate you are entitled to

Exasol Certified Database Developer (now retired)Exasol Certified Associate + Exasol 6 Certified Professional Developer
Exasol Certified Scripting Expert (now retired)No replacement
Exasol Certified Expert for Advanced Analytics (no change)Exasol Certified Expert for Advanced Analytics
Exasol Certified Performance Expert (no change)Exasol Certified Performance Expert
Exasol Certified Administrator (now retired)Exasol 6 Certified Professional Administrator + Exasol Certified Expert for on premises deployment

Upcoming new courses

We plan to release a couple of new courses this year:

Exasol 7 New Features

Exasol Administration on Azure

Exasol Administration on Google Cloud

Exasol Administration on Docker

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