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To qualify for certification by EXASOL, your hardware must fulfill the below requirements. 

Database Nodes - Requirements
  • Hardware must be certified/compatible for CentOS/RHEL (RHEL version 7.x, see
  • At least 16 GiB of memory with multi-bit ECC support
  • Have one of the following configurations:
    • hardware RAID controller w. BBU, cache and SAS hard drives recommended, or
    • a SAN system with full hardware transparency
  • Professional hardware support
  • IPMI controller with usable System Event Log (SEL, necessary for minimal hardware monitoring)
  • CentOS/RHEL-supported network interfaces

Further recommendations:

  • Intel CPUs (optimal in 2 socket boards) with support for SSSE3
  • Redundant power supply units
  • Management controller with KVM (such as iLO or iDRAC) – this is necessary if EXASOL will provide you with remote support.
Switches - Requirements
  • Managed switches only
  • IEEE 802.1Q capable (VLAN)
  • Minumum bandwith: 1GbE full duplex ports
  • Recommended: 10GbE full duplex ports for cluster internal network
  • Recommended: enough overall bandwith on uplink ports to create a failover network
Management Server
  • Hardware must be able to boot CentOS/RHEL
  • Minimum 200 GiB RAID-1 mirrored HDD
  • Network:
    • less than 12 nodes: 3 x 1GbE NICs
    • 12 or more nodes: 2 x 10GbE NICs