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On next Monday August 5th 2019 starting at 7am CEST we will conduct some maintenance. You might encounter some issues using the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker! We will restore the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker before 9am CEST on Monday August 5th 2019.

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Exasol provides a list of certified hardware on which the solution has been tested and approved - view the Certified Hardware

If the hardware you want to run the system on is not in the Exasol certified hardware list, there is a process you can follow to get it certified, as long as your hardware meets the minimum requirements:

Uncertified Hardware

It is possible to use a hardware configuration that is not supported by Exasol, or that does not fulfill the minimum requirements for the certification process. As long as you are able to install and run Exasol on your hardware, it can be used (for example for testing or development purposes). However, keep in mind that we only provide restricted support for systems without certification.

Limitations on Uncertified Hardware

Only Exasol Maintenance Service for software questions is possible for uncertified hardware. This means:

  • No installation support
  • No support regarding hardware questions or issues
  • No advanced Exasol services, such as Monitoring Service or Incident Management