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EXASolution typically runs on a cluster of powerful 19'' Intel servers. How many servers you need for your system depends heavily on the planned workload and will be usually defined during a proof of concept. Thus EXASolution's license model has only one parameter, namely the RAM used by the database for computations, customers can determine the number of servers and therefore the database performance themselves.

Typically, each server will be configured as follows:

  • 2 Intel Xeon CPUs each with at least 4 cores,
  • 128 GBytes of RAM,
  • 8 to 24 SAS hard drives in RAID-1 pairs.

The cluster interconnect is typically implemented via 1-GBit or 10-GBit Ethernet.

For a thorough list of requirements, please see SOL-132 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


Standard hardware configurations, tested by EXASOL

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Your projected hardware is not among the listed configurations? The following article explains our approach for supporting of various environments: SOL-197 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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