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EXASOL provides you with support and services through our maintenance and service packages. Maintenance forms the basis of the services EXASOL offers you, while additional services can be booked as per your requirements.

Check also our training program here.

Service packages at a glance

Overview of Support Services and Support Levels




Access to community




Access to ticketing system



Access to updates



Service times

German Business Hours

24x7 for Incident Management only




Ad-hoc technical advice

Hands-on assistance






Incident Management



Performance Service



SLA - Reaction Time

(applies for Service time)

Critical 1h

Major 2h

Normal 4h

Minor 8h

SLA - Processing Time

(applies for Maintenance time and Errors)

Critical: 4h

Major: 8h

Normal: 24h

Minor: Next release


(tick) = included

(error) = not included

Maintenance Service

Maintenance is at the very core of the services Exasol offers you. Essentially, it provides you with support for handling error reports in cases where the software is not functioning as described in the documentation. As part of the maintenance service, you also have access to a personalized support website, the latest version of Exasol, as well as other downloads.

Maintenance time

Exasol software maintenance support is provided during german business hours (Germany/Berlin).

Sizing and Planning Service

Exasol's experts will discuss your requirements with you and provide a comprehensive consultation regarding cluster sizing, setup and integration of Exasol in your environment.

Installation service

Exasol will install Exasol software and get it operational at the site. This means you only need to set up the environment and organize the necessary conditions, such as wiring, network setup, preparation of servers, etc.

Operational Service

Exasol carries out regular maintenance tasks on your behalf, either as required or upon your request. 

Incident Management 10x5 (or optionally 24x7)

An incident is defined as an issue that causes a deviation from the standard operation of the Exasol cluster, and which causes an interruption or disruption of the operation. Examples include: a database instance does not accept connections, a backup cannot be generated, or one or more hardware components are defective. In the event of an incident, Exasol works to restore the standard operation of the Exasol cluster as quickly as possible. 

Monitoring 24x7

Exasol will monitor your Exasol system using a software-based system monitor with an automated incident report system. 

Performance Service

Exasol will periodically monitor general performance trends (on a monthly basis) and provide performance analysis upon request during Exasol's service times.

If you are interested in consultancy services, please contact your account manager and support for more details.

Consultancy Service

Exasol's experts provide comprehensive consulting with regards to optimal usage of Exasol Software during migration or integration projects. 

Exasol offers comprehensive consulting on the optimal use of our database with one of our experts.

This service is provided on a case by case and time and material basis.

Some examples of database consulting services include:

  • Data Model architecture
  • Data import
  • ETL / ELT processes
  • Performance tuning
  • Rights management

Terms and Conditions

On this page we provide you with the Terms and Conditions.

In general, the Exasol quote or agreement indicates the name of the terms and conditions or the applicable law relevant for the contractual relationship.

If this is not the case, please select the document according to the following specifications: