Maintenance Notification:
On next Monday August 5th 2019 starting at 7am CEST we will conduct some maintenance. You might encounter some issues using the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker! We will restore the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker before 9am CEST on Monday August 5th 2019.

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After the commercial handover the Support team will take care about the delivery of your services.

For this we would have to enable you to get access to your "Customer Portal". Below you can find the 3 steps to achieve this.

1. Ensure that EXASOL mails are not marked as spam by your E-mail client. 

We send you important communications via E-mail, such as status changes of support tickets, messages from the support agents, and other information. 

2. Assign users to roles for dealing with EXASOL support agents

In order to streamline communication with you, EXASOL requires that you assign people to perform specific roles (outlined below). To authorize the people we would need the names and contact details (email and telephone number). The telephone number is a backup in case that email will not work.

MyEXASOL User Manager

The person who will administer who in your company can access the Customer Portal.

The MyEXASOL User Manager receives a company PIN and forwards it to all the users, who should be granted access to the support dashboard.

As user manager, you will be informed each time that somebody registers by using your company PIN. You have the possibility to confirm the registration or to reject it. After the registration, you can also "un-register" users anytime they no longer authorized to access company issues. To do so, please got to and choose the appropriate issue and click on "Remove MyEXASOL User".

Decision Makers

Identify key people who will make decisions on crucial tasks, such as the application of new releases or the restore of a database from a backup.

Incident Management Point of Contact

The contacts at your company used for purposes of incident management communication. Only applicable if you booked an Incident Management service or Premium Support package.

Version Information Recipients

Persons who will receive our release notifications.


Each role can be assigned to several people or similar people. We kindly recommend to define always at least 2 persons per role (cover outages, sick leave, vacation etc).

3. Register an account on the Customer Portal

Register at the following URL:

In order to register, you will need your Company PIN. Once you have registered, you will need to confirm your registration by replying to the registration E-mail that will be sent to you.

First the MyExasol User Manager has to register. Exasol will check and confirm his registration. All other customer registrations will then be processed by the customer`s MyExasol User Manager.


The confirmation mail you send must be from the same E-mail address that the registration E-mail was sent to.