Maintenance Notification:
On next Monday August 5th 2019 starting at 7am CEST we will conduct some maintenance. You might encounter some issues using the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker! We will restore the Exasol User Portal and Issue Tracker before 9am CEST on Monday August 5th 2019.

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 As a customer you will get access to your support portal where you can

  • follow your and your company's support tickets
  • explore our roadmap
  • check support statistics or statistics on your individual database instances

Your support questions can be submitted either via email or directly using the support system and will be handled confidentially and will only be visible to your colleagues and to our EXASOL support team!

To ensure that confidentiality, the single user accounts will be managed not by EXASOL, but rather by customer itself.

Before you can access the services and resources available to you for information and support, you need to perform a few initial tasks.

3 Steps for Getting Started

Our Services

EXASOL provides you with support and services through our maintenance and service packages. Maintenance forms the basis of the services EXASOL offers you, while additional services can be booked as per your requirements.