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What is new in Version 6.2.8?

Please refer to the change log below to find out which improvements and bugfixes are included in this version.

(warning) Please carefully read the Changed Behavior section below before upgrading to this version

(warning) update considerations: please check the documentation

Security Vulnerability Fixes

This version includes fixes for critical security vulnerabilities. We strongly recommend updating as soon as possible.

If you have any questions or would like Exasol to support with the update, please get in touch with the support team to schedule the update by contacting

Deprecation of SHA hashed passwords (created 2013 or earlier)

Prior to version 4.1 (released in early 2013) passwords were hashed with the SHA hashing algorithm. From version 4.1 on passwords were hashed with a secure algorithm, whenever a user was created or a password was changed.

  • We added several warnings. The database is triggering warnings whenever a user with an old hash is trying to log in. At startup the database triggers a warning if one of the users uses an old password as well as the parameter -useCaseSensitivePasswords=0 is in use.
  • The parameter -useCaseSensitivePasswords=0 has no effect anymore. Passwords are always hashed securely.

With a later version we will disable those old passwords, so if you thinnk you still have a unsecure password, please change it when you see the log messages.


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Changed Behavior

Implementing new features and improvements means that certain behavior that you may be used to in previous versions might have changed. Please review the following subset of issues from our change log. You can open the individual issues for more details. The full change log is listed further down on this page.

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Complete Change Log

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