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What is new in Version 6.0?

Version 6.0 is the most comprehensive upgrade we have ever developed, packed with a whole lot of new features, improvements and performance enhancements.

The most important changes in 6.0 are the following:

  • Data virtualization framework with virtual schemas
    The new concept of virtual schemas provides a powerful abstraction to conveniently access arbitrary data sources. 
  • Advanced integration framework (User-defined ETL via UDFs)
    In case the standard IMPORT interfaces (files, JDBC databases, native Oracle/EXASOL connector) are not sufficient for your needs, you will be able to create user-defined scripts which implement any kind of data extracting logic.
  • Increased support for Hadoop
    Hadoop-based data stored in any HCatalog-supported native data format is now available for analytics in EXASOL through the new data integration framework. 
  • Pluggable language support
    Users can now install nearly any programming language on the EXASOL cluster and use it for UDFs. This extends the existing script language
  • Advanced automation 
    Now, administrators of your system can completely automate almost all installation and configuration tasks through the extended XML-RPCI API.
  • JSON over Websockets API (and native Python driver)
    Using this new connectivity option makes it feasible to integrate EXASOL into nearly any programming language of your choice. Also, a native lightweight Python driver based on this API has been included in EXASOL V6.
  • Increases in performance
    EXASOL has always maintained a performance advantage, and now with a series of enhancements, the database just got even faster. Faster join, insert & delete, backup & recovery, cluster resizing – these is just a small list of the performance improvements you now get in EXASOL V6. 
  • EXASOL goes Open Source
    EXASOL has decided to publish a whole range of technologies as open source projects on GitHub. These comprise especially the areas integration, usage and analytic extensions for our commercial database (Our Github repository: ).

Version 6 is available as standard or advanced edtition. The advanced edition additionally includes: UDF and Scripting Support (Python, R, JAVA,Lua), Pluggable Language Support, Geospatial, Skyline, Virtual Schema, Advanced Import.

For the first time and in line with EXASOL version 6.0, we are making a series of videos available that present the new features and improvements in technical detail. What’s more, over the coming months we will be building out our online education materials. Version 6.0 tutorial videos can be viewed on EXASOL's YouTube channel in a specific playlist.

Important Notes

(warning) EXASOL 6.0.0 for AWS and Microsoft Azure is yet not released, but will be available soon. Until then, please don't try to update an 5.0.x installation on AWS or Microsoft Azure to 6.0.

(warning) Please carefully read the Changed Behavior section below before upgrading from 5.0.x to 6.0.


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Changed Behavior

Implementing new features and improvements means that certain behavior that you may be used to in previous versions might have changed. Please review the following subset of issues from our change log. You can open the individual issues for more details. The full change log is listed further down on this page.

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Complete Change Log

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