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Exasol is happy to share the latest and greatest from our open source community with the world. Below, you can see a list of our Github projects and a link to the latest release. 

NOTE: Inclusion in this list does not guarantee that the project is officially supported by Exasol. Please view the Readme of the various projects to see if it is officially supported or not.

Exasol on Docker

Project NameDescriptionDownload
Docker DBDockerized version of the Exasol Database for testing purposes

Virtual Schemas

Project NameDescriptionDownload
Virtual SchemasExasol Virtual Schemas are an abstraction layer that makes external data sources accessible in our data analytics platform through regular SQL commands

Dialects and Connectors

Project NameDescriptionDownload
Kafka Connect JDBC ConnectorExasol database dialect example setup for Kafka Confluent JDBC Connector
Spark Exasol ConnectorThis is a connector library that supports an integration between Exasol and Apache Spark. Using this connector, users can create Spark dataframes from Exasol queries and save Spark dataframes as Exasol tables.
Power BI - Exasol ConnectorThe Exasol Microsoft Power BI Connector is a Certified Custom Connector now and is also shipped with Power BI desktop. The powerbi-exasol repository will contain the latest release which might contain modifications not yet included in the stable version.
Exasol Hibernate Dialect This repository contains a custom dialect to support ORM via JPA and Hibernate 5 using the Exasol database.
Django - Exasol

This project contains the necessary dialect to integrate Exasol into the Django framework.
SQLAlchemy Dialect for Exasol

This is an SQLAlchemy dialect for the Exasol database.
Exasol Informatica Connector ArchitectureTemplate for system and software architecture done with OpenFastTrace.

Data Science

Project NameDescriptionDownload

Data Science Examples

This repository contains a collection of examples and tutorials for Data Science and Machine Learning with Exasol.

Script Language Containers

This project contains implementations for user defined functions (UDF's) that can be used in the Exasol database (version 6.0.0 or later)

R Package for Exasol

The Exasol R Package offers interface functionality such as connecting to, querying and writing into an Exasol Database (version 5 onwards).

Python Package for Exasol - PyExasol

PyEXASOL is a custom Python driver for Exasol created by Badoo. It helps them to handle massive volumes of data commonly associated with this database.

Data Loading

Project NameDescriptionDownload

Cloud Storage ETL UDFs

his repository contains helper code to create Exasol ETL UDFs in order to read from and write to public cloud storage services such as AWS S3Google Cloud Storage and Azure Blob Storage.

Hadoop ETL UDFs

Hadoop ETL UDFs are the main way to transfer data between Exasol and Hadoop (HCatalog tables on HDFS). The SQL syntax for calling the UDFs is similar to that of Exasol's native IMPORT and EXPORT commands, but with added UDF paramters for specifying the various necessary and optional Hadoop properties.

Database Migration

This project contains SQL scripts for automatically importing data from various data management systems into Exasol.


Project Name



Exa Toolbox

The EXA-toolbox is a collection of useful scripts and views that you can add to your Exasol installation.

Opendata Examples

Contains SQL scripts for loading open datasets into Exasol

Nagios Monitoring

The Exasol nagios monitoring container provides users a simple starting point for setting up a monitoring system for your Exasol database.


This project contains Python script examples how to automate the administration of Exasol cluster using its XMLRPC API instead of EXAoperation's web interface

SQL Statement Builder

The Exasol SQL Statement Builder abstracts programmatic creation of SQL statements and is intended to replace ubiquitous string concatenation solutions which make the code hard to read and are prone to error and security risks.

ETL Utilities

The Query Wrapper is a lightweight object-oriented Lua script used as a library to build procedural ETL jobs in Lua.

Compatibility Test Suite

This compatibility test suite contains test datasets and sample SQL statements that you can use as a standard against which you can test database clients: ETL tools, connectors, SQL clients.

AWS Cost Reporting

Collection of Exasol scripts to record and analyze the costs produced by an AWS account.

Websockets API

The JSON over WebSockets client-server protocol allows customers to implement their own drivers for all kinds of platforms using a connection-based web protocol.

BucketFS Explorer

The BucketFS explorer is a tiny GUI written in Java/JavaFX that helps you working with BucketFS.