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What is new in Version 6.2?

Exasol 6.2 brings significant performance improvements in two important areas as well as a number of optimization and bug fixes.

Virtual Schema: Pushdown of Joins

Increases the performance of typical uses cases involving joins based on Virtual Schemas by pushing down joins to remote data sources.

By supporting this feature the amount of data being transferred is reduced and thus the overall performance is improved if a query contains joins of tables within a remote data source.

New Analytical Functions implementation with full window support

Significantly increased performance of all analytical functions.

The new implementation almost fully supports the complete functionality defined in the SQL 2016 standard.

Python 3 available as language for UDF and Adapter Scripts

The Python 3 language will be supported for UDFs and Virtual Schema Adapter Scripts.

Hide inaccessible schemas 

If the command-line parameter '-extendedSchemaVisibility=0' is set in version 6.2, a user can only access a schema or virtual schema if the user is owner or if the user has an object or system privilege.

Latest 6.2 Downloads

Here you can find the latest released Downloads in Version 6.2. Not every component is released with each Bugfix release, e.g. drivers are only released if there is a change.

Important Notes

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