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What is new in the Version 5.0?

As with the previous version, we have implemented many improvements regarding usability and performance. For example:

  • The internal indices have been completely reworked
  • A new query cache can significantly accelerate often-repeated queries
  • Erroneous data in an IMPORT/EXPORT task can be written to an error table
  • Running queries can now be analyzed
  • Data import via the native Oracle-connections has been accelerated considerably by importing table partitions in parallel
  • Client/server communication now supports encryption

The analytical platform Exasol has been extended with the following features:

  • Skyline Analytics facilitates the search for optimal solutions in a multi-dimensional parameter space (multi-criteria optimization)
  • Graph Analytics: The feature CONNECT BY enables analysis of graphs or tree structures, e.g. social networks
  • Java for user-defined functions (UDF): Alongside R, Python and Lua, Java had now been added to the list of supported In-Database Analytics programming languages (via UDF scripts)
  • Installable R/Python/Java packages: Additional packages can now simply be installed via EXAoperation
  • Python and R Toolbox: These are Python or R libraries which facilitate the integration of database queries within a programming environment

Please note, that the use of the analytic extensions are available through additional license options, but of course, a free test phase is possible.

From version 5 onwards, the databases can only be operated using EXAStorage. For all systems which do not currently use EXAStorage, the update to version 5 will require a database migration. On the other hand, if you are already using EXAStorage, the system can be updated without further ado. We recommend that you execute the command REORGANIZE DATABASE after the update to explicitly update the index structures.

Latest 5.0 Downloads

Here you can find the latest released Downloads in Version 5.0. Not every component of the EXASuite is released with each Bugfix release.

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CentOS Security Updates

In this section you find security updates for the CentOS operating system not contained in EXAClusterOS update packages. The security updates contained in the packages correspond to the official CentOS announcements at Please refer to the threads on this list for further details. The CentOS security fixes are cumulative, i.e. applying the most recent security patch installs all past security patchlevels for this CentOS version. After a security patch is installed, the system requires a restart. The downloads are visible only for registered customers that signed up for MyEXASOL.

CentOS Security Updates are now cumulative. The most recent security patch contains all past patchlevels for this CentOS version.

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