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Exasol is a high-performance, in-memroy massively parallel processing (MPP) database specifically designed for analytics. From business-critical data application to advanced analytics, Exasol helps you analyze large volumes of data faster. 

The Exasol database runs under EXACluster OS, which is a Linux-Derivate. EXACluster OS was developed to accomplish, among other things, two major tasks:

  • ensure the high availability of the whole system
  • facilitate the administration of the cluster

Both tasks become more complicated and more important with increasing the number of servers, because of an increasing statistical probability of hardware failures as well as because of an increasing amount of administrative work.

Our high-level management interface EXAoperation is designed for effortless and comprehensive service delivery and integration. It obviates the need for access to underlying stratum (operating system, hardware) for standard tasks, thus keeping the learning curve flat. For accessing the cluster from external tools such as Nagios, EXACluster OS implements an XML-RPC interface.

EXASolution runs exclusively in the cluster and fully controls the system resources, such as RAM and CPUs. The DBMS and the operating system act in concert to provide your data warehouse with the optimal platform.

  • Cluster ArchitectureEXASOL cluster consists of multiple service layers, which fulfill different roles
  • SoftwareEXASuite is an integrated, self-contained software bundle provided by Exasol. 
  • Hardware Requirements and CertificationInformation about the minimum hardware requirements and hardware certification procedures for EXASOL.

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