cimt and Exasol – A partnership that delivers success for data-driven enterprises

Many organizations today are looking to establish a data-driven culture – and their biggest challenge is how they integrate this into operational and strategic processes. That’s why there is such a demand for agile business intelligence (BI) development, advanced analytics and, specifically, artificial intelligence (AI) including machine learning.

For a number of years, Exasol and cimt have offered this to their customers – working together in partnership.

The consistent interaction between Exasol and cimt means they have a deep understanding of each other, a continuous exchange of knowledge and a passion to solve complex challenges for their customers. |

Our Approach

A large number of businesses still rely on traditional online transaction processing (OLTP) databases for all their data warehousing (DWH) needs. Their main grievance is the lack of performance. Exasol and cimt face this challenge head on and together.

Rather than simply replacing their customers’ existing DWH solution– Exasol and cimt can work with the existing infrastructure and offer the best-in-class hybrid cloud solutions.

cimt regularly implements Exasol solutions to deliver data that’s needed for analytical processing and traditional reporting. The actual data lake stays on another big data platform or in the cloud.

In addition to the exceptional performance, customers also value the solution’s flexible expandability. It really doesn’t matter what data science languages you use, as the code enables you to add in whatever you need – such as Java, Python, Spark, R or LUA Code.

Exasol’s strength of being able to analyse and handle large data volumes is another benefit. Tailor-made frameworks were created quickly for one of cimt’s and Exasol’s largest German clients through integrated LUA/Python scripts. Up to five million events are now made available hourly in the raw vault – using data vault models – and compacted in the business vault.

cimt’s successful technology consultancy portfolio reaches new heights thanks to Exasol. It perfectly complements other technologies such as Talend for data management and Tableau for data visualization.

Happy customers & employees, alike

We’re the right choice for BI experts

It was an easy decision for cimt to choose Exasol. It wasn’t just cimt’s clients who were impressed with the solution – it was also its employees and BI experts.

Rouven Homann, management partner of cimt, explains: ‘An experienced database administrator at of one of our biggest German clients was shocked – positively. This was a key event. The client’s existing solution delivered the analysis of a critical business process using pure SQL in eight hours. When we assessed the Exasol option with them, the process was completed in just eight minutes.’

Homann adds: ‘Everybody thought this was due to either incomplete data sets or maybe a dropout. But everything ran as expected. Even the most hardline defenders of the previous solution were impressed by Exasol’s incredible speed. The decision was made.’

"Exasol is by far the best to complement our consultancy. Especially Exasol’s performance turns every Tableau report into an event. It’s a firm component of any best-of-breed strategy for us."

Rouven Homann management partner of cimt ag

How cimt employees uses Exasol’s tech

cimt’s BI advisers draw particular attention to Exasol’s self-tuning and no-ops solutions. As there’s no need for continuous administration to optimize the database, the Exasol Community Edition plays a leading role in any pre-sale presentation. Exasol, Talend or Tableau experts all use their own version of the fast database in a virtual environment. And cimt’s cloud architects rely on the ExaCloud enjoying its flexibility.

Scalable deployment perfect for any type of client

cimt and its clients enjoy the fastest in-memory solution currently on the market – Exasol’s relational database. It’s available on-premises, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. And customers can start with a small installation with limited budgets – and scale out the deployment as there business grows, sometimes even opens firmly closed doors. Clients can now happily evaluate a proof of concept or even a minimum viable product (MVP) to base their decision on.

Customer-focused – and impeccable support

cimt and Exasol clients are impressed with the short turn-around times when dealing with the German-language Exasol support. Challenges are tackled quickly and feature requests taken seriously – a rare find in databases of this quality today.

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