areto and Exasol – the perfect partnership for data-driven business

As businesses move their focus from just collecting and storing data to driving tangible business value from insights, having the right team and technology has become integral to success. areto and Exasol have partnered to deliver just that, providing a service for the entire lifecycle of business intelligence, data warehousing and data science strategies.

Over many years, companies have built large databases – often in many different formats and locations. These are underutilised assets that are only partially used to deliver insights. This leaves possible relationships between the data undetected and valuable information untapped. To deliver real business value, it is important that businesses now take stock and ensure their data is fully utilised.

By partnering, Exasol and areto are helping businesses succeed in the data science evolution. They are enabling them with data.

areto and Exasol have been working together as strategic partners for the last five years, delivering best in class of data science and analytics to organisations, ranging from financial services to retail and government. Exasol delivers the best in data warehousing and analytics, providing the beating heart to data operations. While areto is technology agnostic and delivers the best solution to the individual use case, it rolls out Exasol to almost all new clients due to its suitability and ability to deliver fast analytics, on-premise or in the cloud, with ease and sophistication required for today’s analytic standards. Exasol offers a 50 % saving in terms of time, and many more in terms of money spent on both licenses and services.

Key benefits of the partnership

Organisations are increasingly turning to areto to help them answer profound analytic questions. Smart businesses are turning to sophisticated data science, predictive analytics and automation. By working with Exasol, areto is able to deliver the sophistication required in the data-driven era, helping its clients innovate, drive revenue and reduce costs.

areto is able to easily load the data and go. The self-tuning Exasol database means there is rapid time to value with over a fifty percent savings. This enables areto to focus on delivering business value rather than building a database. Daniel Olsberg says: “Exasol does all the hard work for you versus other databases that you need to tune. Exasol doesn’t need to be indexed. All this means we can spend more time asking and answering the ‘why’, rather than the ‘how of analytics”.

Not only does Exasol deliver savings in terms of man hours, but it also delivers bang for buck versus other competitors.

Exasol has helped areto succeed by providing a fast database to run analysis and has enabled them to gather all their clients’ data in one place, forming the beating heart of the data analytics. By bringing data together from disparate locations, Exasol is enabling areto to deliver quicker value through a holistic view of the data.

Exasol beats other databases on speed, which is becoming ever more critical as sophisticated data science delivers competitive advantage. Daniel Olsberg, says: “Every database on the market touts itself as the fastest, but Exasol really does deliver. It is great for rapid ingestion of data and its performance is second to none. We have found that our clients do not even have to contemplate building (and rebuilding) of indexes, nor dedicate energy and resources to performance tuning. We happily rely on Exasol to do what a database should- store and retrieve data at blinding speeds.”

Having the ability to offer both on-premise and cloud enables areto to deliver to its clients’ exact needs. Other databases do not provide this level of flexibility. Given the range of clients and their differing infrastructure needs, this is critical to areto.

Exasol helps areto deliver a new go to market

Working with Exasol, areto has developed ‘BI in a Box’. This has been developed so areto can roll in Exasol. The speed at which it is possible to plug it in, upload the data and start interrogating the data shows the art of the possible within moments. areto sees this as a valuable proof of concept tool moving forward.  BI in a Box combines a robust and lightweight automated Data Integration tool that loads and transforms the data into a Data Vault 2.0 structure and the robust Exasol database, allowing for analytics in moments. Combined with Exasol’s push down feature for R and Python, this makes it an integrated solution covering all areas for rapid development and a perfect platform for managed self-service BI.

"Exasol is simple, fast and highly effective. When starting with a new client, we plug it in and go. This has allowed us to deliver value far quicker than ever before to our clients, getting down to the serious business of asking sophisticated questions of the data from the outset. It helps us get over the initial phase of bedding in with a new client so much quicker."

Daniel Olsberg areto Consulting

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