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How to Test Exasol and How We Can Help You

Try out Exasol and our database, no strings attached!

Are you looking for new ways to understand business and customer data better, but are unsure which product best meets your needs?

Exasol offers you the opportunity to try out the Exasol"> Loading...analytic database on a no-strings-attached basis so you can objectively assess the system in your own environment, with your own tools and own data. However, how do you test a new product in a way that lets you identify its strengths and its weaknesses, as well find out if it’s the right tool for the job?

As the head of solution engineering at Exasol, my team and I are responsible for supporting you, by guiding, coaching and assisting you, drawing on our many years of experience, whenever you need it. Given that you can test on-site, remotely or in the cloud means you can choose the right environment that is best suited to your needs.

First, in an initial workshop we determine a test scenario that is in line with your goals. Here, we analyze a subset of existing data and we can then determine how the tests should be run. Then, we discuss the topics that are important to you. For instance, do you want to get to know the system on a technical level, or do you have specific requirements concerning the speed of queries, or is data preparation an important topic for you? Which tools should be embedded and how many users should be able to access the system concurrently? Do you have an idea of how you expect data volume to grow over the next months and years? Whatever the question, we have come up with a set of best practices based on goal-driven tests that give you the right answers you need to make the best decision.

Testing can begin as soon as we have established the scope and framework of your tests. This is the moment my colleagues and I look forward to when we go to work: we start the system, load test data into it and run the first analytic queries. It’s at this point that end-users want to see how fast Exasol can deal with their analytic needs. And believe me, the glow in the eyes of our customers after the first queries have been run in an extremely short amount of time is what makes our job rewarding.

Afterwards, we then show you how to use the system to perform your test scenarios independently so you can establish your own unbiased view of our database.

Nevertheless, in case any questions surface, you can always reach the colleague whom you worked with to discuss them. During testing, we usually plan at least one session where we discuss the results together with you, answer any of your questions and plan how to continue the testing.

Then, at the end of the process, we discuss the results with you and devise the optimal system size based on the findings. Once you’re satisfied with the way tests went and if you believe that Exasol is the right solution for you, the system sizing procedure means that you can start using the system right away.

We look forward to helping you with a proof-of-concept (POC). To get started, why not download our free version from our website?

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