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Tech Thursday: Big Brother Is Watching And Houston Sparks Climate Change Discussions

Last week we looked at the US eclipse (not directly), this week we’ll look at everything from big brother to big new releases. Team Exasol is bringing you the latest stories and hottest trends in our weekly Tech Thursday round-up.

What’s hot?

Most watched this week: Taylor Swift’s return to pop ‘Look what you made me do’ and this year’s Game of Thrones finale break records. (Forgive me I have not actually read the GOT article for fear of spoilers!)

Are our trends our own? There is reason to believe that bots are pushing far-right views (Yikes!)

Upcoming must-have gadgets. The Galaxy Note 8 is getting a lot of buzz, Dell’s ‘clunky giant’ is reviewed and announcements for a new Smart speaker ready to take on IOT in your home. And the drum roll, please… Apple are holding a product launch where it is suspected the iPhone 8 will be revealed (!)

We don’t want you worrying about Loading...Big Data: check out life hacks to protect your smartphone data.

Do you always feel like someone is watching you? You might be right.

Denial of service (DDos) attacks are back and this time they are infiltrating our Androids. The WireX botnet has been at-large, but luckily collaboration and Loading...Machine Learning has helped identify 300 troublesome apps. With DDos threats looming, the chance that your internet provider is spying on you and the recent realisation that Uber has been stalking you, Loading...Big Data and IOT seems to be a scary place right now.

Are you worried? Let us know.

New Tech

After recent concerns over company culture, the new kid on the block Bunch is looking to ‘measure cultural alignment’ with Loading...Machine Learning to help companies select candidates. Developments in the Cloud include Microsoft’s new ‘Blob’ offering and Western Digital acquiring Upthere.

Food for thought: McDonalds realise the importance of tech transformation, Driverless Dominoes Deliveries are tested and now there are coins you can eat.

Could Loading...Big Data help with Climate change?

Climate change, a controversial topic, and potentially the cause of traumatic storms such as Hurricane Harvey is making headlines this week. Could Loading...Big Data Analytics help us decrease our impact on our environment and in turn our effect on Climate change? Exasol CEO, Aaron Auld, says, “The recent floods in Houston are a prime example of why we need to address this very serious and concerning issue. We believe Loading...Big Data can play a significant role in helping to bring about solutions.”

Cutting-edge technology is certainly helping Mann’s’ farm grow in a green direction and The BBC is asking ‘Why did we use leaded petrol for so long?

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Photo: Business Insider

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