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Tech Thursday: Trump Gets Eclipsed and AI Sits In The Driver’s Seat

From a total eclipse of the heart to the hottest releases; Team Exasol brings you the latest stories and hottest trends in our weekly Tech Thursday round-up.

Would you put AI in the driver’s seat?

BAE Systems and NASA have plans for artificially intelligent future pilots and Martians respectively, but Elon Musk warns not to allow AI’s control of our weapons. This reoccurring debate keeps cycling round – if only we had a superior intelligence to work out a solution for us… For now, we can look forward to depending on AI for the perfect selfie and seemingly AI and Loading...Big Data making Big Money together: Merging Loading...Big Data with AI seems to be the next step as evidenced by Databricks raising £140 million. What do you think?

Looking for a new laptop?

Those looking to upgrade their laptops might want to hold off until Intel’s 8th generation CPUs are released. These new devices promise to be 40% faster than the ones put out last year and include 10-nanometer chips (without a weak battery as a trade-off). Gamers will be excited to know that Biostar is celebrating their 31st anniversary by releasing the “mother of all gaming motherboards”.

A Solar Spectacular – everything you need to know about the Eclipse.

Those scrolling through Instagram this week know that American’s hearts were won by the Solar Eclipse. From Carbondale to Madisonville it seemed that the whole country came together to see the spectacular event. The Google Doodle commemorated the historic eclipse with a special illustration and even president himself had stars in his eyes – Trump staring directly at the eclipse without protective glasses (biting toungue). Did you get to see it? Let us know and send in your photos – and don’t forget to recycle your Eclipse glasses.

Do not break your phone!

We have all been there. There you are, living your life and before you know it, you’re in a slow-motion scene where you watch your phone drop. The cracks appear across the screen and your heart follows suit. Whether you have an Android or an iPhone you need to watch out when replacing your screens. Will the upcoming iPhone 8 be less breakable? To find out what we know so far, check out Alicia Murray’s 5 Things To Know column starting next week. On another Note, Samsung’s Exploding Galaxy Note is back and seemingly safe.

First look at looking good in Space

When Elon Musk is not thinking about killer robots it looks like he’s designing space suits, and the good news is that he promises to post a “full body view” soon!

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Photo Courtesy of The AP via The Daily Mail

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