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Turbo-Charging Data Visualizations in Berlin at Tableau Conference

In a few weeks’ time, Exasol will be live at the Tableau On Tour Conference in Berlin (8-10 June 2015) where we will be showing users how you can dramatically speed up data visualisations with a plug-and-play boost from Exasol.

Indeed, we will be showcasing Tableau Turbo by Exasol, our solution that sits alongside an organization’s existing database, mart or data warehouse, acts as a fast acceleration layer and makes data visualisations fly!

And we will be running a live demonstration of the solution, too. You will be able to see how to analyse and visualize billions of rows of data in just seconds. In fact, you’ll see how you can take your use of Tableau to a whole new level and get a much faster insight into your data – and all this through just a simple few clicks and drag-and-drop actions.

We all know that Tableau is designed to help businesses see and understand their data quickly, however if you can’t interact with your data easily and fast due to the poor performance delivered by your underlying database, it doesn’t matter how good the front-end visualisation tool promises to be. So, that’s why we developed and are showcasing the Tableau Turbo by Exasol.

Therefore, if you are in Berlin at the Tableau On Tour conference, then we’d love to show you how you can supercharge your front-end tool, and how you can take boost your data analytics, exploration and visualization like never before.

About Tableau Turbo by Exasol

The Tableau Turbo by Exasol is powered by Exasol’s Loading...analytic database, which delivers an exceptionally powerful engine, helping it bring data to life within the shortest of timescales. It supercharges Tableau, letting organizations analyse huge data volumes in real time, which allows them to focus on their business, not on fixing performance issues.

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