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Certainty in uncertain times

Data analytics and BI professionals share how they’re enabling retail businesses to innovate and adapt

Data-driven strategies from FTSE 250 and Fortune500 retail and e-commerce organisations

Around the world, retail businesses are under increasing pressure to strengthen operations and support customers as COVID-19 continues to change the landscape around us. As a result, data analysts and BI professionals are playing a critical role in helping organizations fulfil customer needs, strengthen cash flow and supply chain operations, and accelerate digital innovation.

To understand more about how data analysts and BI professionals are helping decision-makers act quickly, responsibly and accurately, we interviewed and surveyed these professionals from leading retail businesses to reveal which strategies they are implementing today.

In this eBook, we explore:

  • The data-driven strategies that are meeting ever-changing consumer habits
  • The ways retail businesses can build resilience and develop new offerings
  • How to accelerate decision-making with modernized data stacks
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