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Data Analytics – The Power of Five

Get your hands on these five data tools to improve your BI, data analytics and reporting operations.

I read a quote today that got me thinking. The quote is by Jim Rohn and reads: “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” It’s such a simple saying and makes a lot of sense; it’s only human that you will bounce off others, picking up on their traits and mannerisms, their enthusiasm but also their more negative behaviour.

I think Jim’s quote can be taken a stage further: companies are the average of the five technologies they adopt, especially when it comes to running their businesses, understanding what is going on, how their business is performing, how they can respond to customers in a productive way – and how they can use data to do all of this.

That’s why I think when it comes to business intelligence, reporting and data analytics in general, there could be no better group of five than the following:

  • Tableau – the best tool for stunning visualizations and bringing information to life.
  • Alteryx – the best tool for bringing data together from various sources, blending it and putting it all into an easier format to understand.
  •">Exasol – the most comprehensive Loading...analytic database in town and the best tool for analyzing data at lightning-fast speeds.
  • Birst – the best tool for networked business intelligence that enables global governance with local execution.
  •">The cloud – ok, not so much a tool, but an infrastructure that allows organizations to get started with all of these 4 aforementioned solutions in a fast and affordable way.

I guess the point of Jim’s quote is this: if you want to be happy, surround yourself with five positive people, otherwise be prepared to be less upbeat if you continue to mix with five folks who are more negative in their outlook on life.

The point of my extension to Jim’s quote is similar: if you want to get a handle on your business and understand quickly and easily what your organization is doing and, more importantly, how you can engage with your customers in a more comprehensive and personalized way, then get your hands on these five tools for BI, data analytics and reporting. Otherwise be prepared to be left frustrated and wanting as you continue to use solutions that just take too long, cost too much and are incredibly inflexible.

Simple really.

If you’re interested in bringing your analytic projects to life, or just want to up your game with regards to BI and reporting, download a copy of the Exasol database.

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