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The Exasol Community Edition

Coming soon: a free version of the fastest database on earth, the Exasol Community Edition.

One of the perks of working at Exasol headquarters in Nuremberg is that you get an early look at the new stuff that the R&D department have been cooking up.

This week I’ve been looking at the community edition of the Exasol database – this is a one node Loading...virtual machine image that anyone who signs up on our website will be able to freely download to try out our technology. The intention is that people will be able to load their own data onto their own hardware, run their own queries and pretty much conduct their own preliminary “Proof of Concept”.

You can be among the first users to download the free version of Exasol by signing up now.

The community edition of Exasol will only be licensed for a single node and there will be a limit on RAM, but because it will use Exasol’s intelligent approach with columnar storage, it will be faster than anything else you can run on a single node of perfectly ordinary hardware. I’m certainly going to be using it for my personal hobby projects rather than MySQL or PostgreSQL.

It is also incredibly easy to use – I am in the process of making a video describing how to install it, and I am finding that I would have to talk very slowly to make the video last longer than two minutes.

We have pretty much decided upon a name for the product – I won’t spoil the surprise here, but I can say that my own personal suggestion of EXASmall is definitely NOT going to be used.

Sign up now!

The community edition will be available shortly, and by signing up you will be at the front of the queue and meanwhile get access to a lot of useful information about our product.

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