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Improved Hadoop Integration and extended connectivity with WebSocket

Improved Loading...Hadoop Integration

With V6, Loading...Hadoop-based data stored in any HCatalog-support native data format (such as Parquet, RCFile, ORC, JSON) is now instantly available for analytics in Exasol through the new data integration framework. We have created a dedicated Loading...Hadoop adapter that enables fully parallelized data access with maximum throughput. A one-of-a-kind approach, this seamlessly combines the scalable storage technology Loading...Hadoop, often also called “data lake” architecture, with our unique Exasol database technology. As a result, customers using Exasol as a high-performance layer for Loading...Hadoop can now profit from even faster and deeper insights from their Loading...big data analytics.

Key advantages of improved Loading...Hadoop integration:

  • Connecting Exasol and Loading...Hadoop is now easier than ever
  • Exasol layer enables real-time data lake analytics
  • Support of any available data formats simplifies processes and increases transfer rates

Extended connectivity with WebSocket

Exasol has always focused on ensuring that its database integrates seamlessly into existing BI, reporting, visualization and analytics applications. To this end, Exasol v6 now offers a new WebSocket-based interface alongside more traditional technology, such as ODBC, JDBC and .NET interfaces. This means that Exasol now integrates natively with almost any programming language, without exposing users to the pitfalls of inflexible and slow platform-based driver managers. Further, a native lightweight Loading...Python driver based on this JSON-based web socket API has been included in Exasol V6.

Key advantages of improved connectivity:

  • Integration of the Exasol database in any programming language
  • Modern API renders platform-based driver managers and old database standards obsolete
  • Native interfaces enable even better connectivity of your appliance to Exasol

These are only five select features to give you a first impression of what version 6 offers. Far from an extensive list, many other improvements and features are coming with Exasol v6. For more information visit our website and try out our Free Small Business Edition to get hands-on experience with the world’s fastest database.

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