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EXASOL V6: The Open Source project offer an even more flexible solution

The Open Source project is our new Exasol v6 release feature that was specifically chosen to offer an even more flexible solution that allows partners and customers alike to tailor the database specifically to their needs, and even develop extensions themselves.

EXASOL has decided to release several technologies to the public as part of an open source initiative. These technologies focus primarily on the integration, usage and analytical extensions of our enterprise database. We work hard to continually improve our database in-house, but we also realize that these improvements are rigid to some degree. As such, we have chosen to offer our users a framework that allows them to improve our solution as part of a community effort. By extending the developer base from the EXASOL team to include our partner and user community too, users can now profit from even more agility in feature development and the features customized on an individual basis.

A selection of features included in EXASOL V6 that contain open source elements:

Key advantages of the EXASOL Open Source project:

  • Maximum transparency and flexibility for integration and extension of EXASOL
  • Open frameworks instead of rigid feature implementation
  • Promotion of user-community with faster solutions and novel ideas

Stay tuned for Mondays entry on: Pluggable language support

For more information and hands-on experience with our database, download our Free Small Business Edition available.

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