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EXASOL V6 – 5 new features that make data analytics easier than ever before

Today, we are proud to launch Exasol V6. Through a series of posts over the next few days, we will highlight a new feature and explain how it helps you with your data analytics challenges.

In the age of Loading...big data, companies use data from diverse sources, such as Loading...relational databases, Loading...Hadoop, No SQL, science solutions and many others. New technologies now enable businesses to make use of more diversified data than ever before, creating new business opportunities. But heterogeneous infrastructure makes using such data for day-to-day operations a non-trivial affair. For this reason, our new release of Exasol V6 puts special focus on easy and seamless integration of the Exasol database into the infrastructure of your choice.

This series of articles will showcase 5 important features that are included in Exasol V6.

Feature one: Data virtualization framework: “virtual schemas”

The Loading...logical data warehouse enables greater flexibility and lowers costs

The virtual schema framework, exclusive to Exasol V6, provides users transparent access to their data from diverse sources, that is, as if it were locally available, all without having to move full data volumes into the database. Such a “Loading...logical data warehouse” (LDW) unifies diverse analytic procedures, query language and data sources. The LDW only needs to collect data from data sources at the time of query execution. An intelligent pushdown algorithm ensures that only the most important data is loaded into the database for queries. Because the data stays resident in source systems, pre-processing runs on the data, such as filters, functions and aggregations, outside of the database. This approach avoids complex ETL jobs and redundant data. Organizations receive a comprehensive overview of their business-critical data, visible as a single data source. Whether the data is saved on a local server or virtually, it is available on a flexible, scalable and affordable architecture that enables faster and better decisions. New data sources can be added easily, and, in the case of virtualization, without loading data separately (ETL, ELT). Only parts of the data required for the analysis need to be saved. As a result, users save time on development tasks, keeping them agile and flexible.

Virtual Schemas Exasol

Key advantages of the Loading...logical data warehouse:

  • All information can be analyzed centrally and inside a high-speed layer
  • New data can be integrated effortlessly
  • IT costs are minimized
  • Elaborate data modeling and ETL processes become redundant

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on: The Exasol Open Source project

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