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From flying cars to clearing up the internet; Team Exasol is bringing you the latest stories and hottest trends in our weekly tech round-up.

The internet fights back against white supremacy

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia have shocked the world and shined a light on the extreme racism that still permeates the world today. The internet has taken a stand in a number of compelling ways. White Supremacist site Daily Stormer got the boot from Go Daddy after using obscene language to describe Heather Heyer who was killed in the protests and the Twitter campaign @YesYoureRacist is pointing out various tweets from White Supremacist groups who are praising Donald Trump’s controversial response to the attacks.  Former President Obama’s tweet responding to the rally has become the most liked tweet to date.

Loading...Big Data strikes a chord with Oil companies

Up against hard to extract oil and fluctuating prices, Oil companies are preparing for an uncertain future. Appreciating the need for real time analytics to make business critical decisions, Indian Multinational Oil and Gas Company, ONGC, turns to Loading...Big Data. Cost optimization and vital information at “the click of a button” are all positive steps taken in the face of recent criticism for bad decisions and inefficiency.

Catching Space Dragons

After taking a short break, SpaceX took to the skies for its 12th resupply service mission which included a Dragon delivery of over 6,400 pounds of supplies to the International Space Station. Check out NASA’s Instagram to see the robotic arm that caught it!

Coming Soon: Cars that fly us to our destination

When it comes to auto advancement, things are taking off – literally. Delorean, the manufacturer made uber-famous by the Back To The Future series, has announced plans for a flying car. Those on the ground will be excited to know that new materials could help save pedestrians lives with reactive crash technology which will allow cars to go from rigid to soft when colliding with a pedestrian.

Is Instagram’s new feature sensible or censorship?

Tired of what he sees as a threat to Instagram users’ right to a safe and comfortable environment, Instagram founder, Kevin Systrom has made it his mission to clean up the platform. Twenty men and women are currently working on a groundbreaking feature uses a new type of AI called “Loading...machine learning” to help filter out toxic, hateful and bullying comments. Though the intention is honorable, some of the platform’s 700 million users are questioning whether the action is sensible or censorship. What do you think?

Is 3D Printing the future of fighting?

Marine Corps Innovation Challenge inspired Rhet McNeal to design a 3D printed Unmanned Aerial System (Surveillance Drone). The drone, which can be easily assembled, could have an incredible impact on soldiers in a ‘forward-deployed environment’. Some very useful implications could also include printing ammunition and smart parachutes.

Exasol has a new Head of BI

Exasol is proud to announce that the dynamic and talented Eva Murray has been promoted to the Head of BI & Tableau Evangelist at Exasol. Follow Eva’s blog, Tri My Data to read about technology, travel and triathlons.

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