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Running analytics in the cloud – Exasol now available on AWS

Today, we announced that Exasol is now offered via the Amazon Web Services Marketplace.

This means that if yours is a business that runs its systems on AWS, you can now avail yourselves of a high performance, Loading...analytic database in order to power your business intelligence, reporting and science projects, too.

This is fantastic news for organizations that want to put data analytics at the very heart of their business, but who want to keep an eye on the costs. The days when you had to part with six-figure sums of money in order to acquire hardware and software licenses up-front to run analytics projects have now been consigned firmly to history.

Instead, by using the flexibility and scalability of Amazon Web Services, you can get started with Exasol and your data analytics with just a few clicks of the mouse, and just pay for the analytics you run on a pay-as-you-go basis. So, with Exasol on AWS, you can now turn your focus to running valuable analytics projects that drive BI, reporting and therefore your business, and forget about infrastructure issues.

Amazon Web Services is the world’s most significant cloud platform. As a result, it offers users the computing power that is needed to run high performance Loading...analytic databases in the cloud. Consequently, users now have access to a production-ready, highly secure and scalable platform that helps them to analyze large and complex data sets faster than ever before, and to derive business insights into valuable profit and cost-savings – all at a price that best suits their budget.

So, if you’re interested in running analytic projects or just want to up your game with regards to BI and reporting, then take a look at Exasol on Amazon Web Services.">Get started today.

And don’t forget – if you are looking for other cloud-based solutions for analytics, there are other alternatives, including Microsoft Azure, Bigstep and">ExaCloud. ExaCloud is our own non-virtualized offering that delivers performance without compromise and is backed up by premium support provided by Exasol’s team of skilled experts.

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