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2020 in data analytics: what you need to know

If you take a look back at how much has changed in your industry since this time last year, you’ll be in doubt that this will continue in 2020. There’s a lot of conjecture regarding the latest trends and technologies, but we’ve pulled together our key insights around the changes that will actually affect your business in the next 12 months. Here’s what you need to know.

  1. On-premises investment by the public cloud providers cements hybrid cloud’s dominance

Cloud is often not the only practical option for organizations looking to get the most out of data analytics. Whether it’s for compliance or performance issues, some workloads are not best suited to that deployment model. This is why 2020 will see hybrid cloud continue to be a focus for hyperscale cloud providers as they recognize enterprise customers need to work on-prem or in the cloud and not just in one public cloud platform. Helena can tell you more here.

  1. Data literacy will take on the buzz of agile methodologies

If the best technology is not combined with a workforce that has the right skills and mindset, organizations will only be able to scratch the surface of their analytics potential. For this reason, data literacy is going to be top of the list of priorities for many organizations over the next 12 months. To understand why and how this is going to make a difference in the workplace, take a look at Michael’s video.

  1. The proportion of CDOs in financial services institutions will surpass other industries as the role transforms rapidly

The last 2 years have seen an increase in the numbers of CDOs and the financial services market is leading the way. But why is the role becoming more prevalent in this industry and how exactly will the role of the CDO transform in 2020? Helena provides the answers in this short clip.

  1. Loading...Data science teams will increase use of GPUs to handle massively parallel analytical workloads

There’s still plenty of work to be done before Loading...deep learning can truly mature, yet there are opportunities that are already being exploited by organizations. What we will see over the course of the next year is science teams exploring the use of specialist chips such as GPUs for serious enterprise projects. To find out why, check out Helena’s thoughts in our latest video.

  1. Firms will gain measurable benefits from blockchain in conjunction with IoT and AI in logistics use cases

So far, blockchain has been a disappointment in terms of its practical applications within businesses. Things will start to change in 2020, specifically when it comes to the logistics industry. But how will blockchain start to make an impact and where will firms see the benefits? Michael can tell you in his final predictions video. Take a look here.

That’s not all that we see on the horizon for the next 12 months. For more detail on these topics and insights into what’s next with respect to the data warehouse, enterprise data strategy, persistent memory and other key issues, read our free predictions ebook here.

The predictions were written by Helena Schwenk, Market Intelligence Lead and Michael Glenn, Market Intelligence Researcher, at Exasol.

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