Four reasons to use us for your cloud or hybrid strategy

Take a look at how our analytics database is purpose built to give you the maximum long-term value – no matter whether you deploy in the cloud, on premises or with a hybrid approach.

 Unrivalled performance and robust security

Our analytics database enables you to unlock analytics as fast as you think – and get unrivalled performance, anywhere you have data by processing 100s of TBs of data within milli-seconds response-time.

In-memory analytics means much faster access times

You can process large amounts of data in the main memory of our analytics database – by using innovative algorithms for dramatically faster access times.

Columnar storage and compression speeds up performance

You’ll accelerate analytics performance times as columnar storage and compression means less I/O operations – and less need to process everything in the main memory.

Massive parallel processing makes it easier to get insights, at volume

By processing large sets of data simultaneously it greatly increases the speed in which you can get meaningful insights from your data. So if it now takes you 100 minutes to process 100 requests, you’ll get everything in 60 seconds.

Faster access to more data sources than ever

Virtual schemas and our high-performance data integration framework means you can connect to and analyse data from more sources than ever before.

Robust data security at every level

No matter where you store your data or what your compliance demands are, you’ll have robust data security you can rely on – with row or column level security, and data encryption for your sensitive info and key users.

Plus, you’ll have the freedom to use a hybrid cloud strategy – managing sensitive or critical workloads on-premises and less critical information in a public cloud.


Deploy wherever you want

Deploy anywhere you want – on-premises, on any public cloud or with a hybrid and multi-platform to fit your IT infrastructure. 

Unlimited scalability and concurrency

We’ve given you unlimited ability to up and down-size your cloud analytics by decoupling the storage and computing layer of our database.

Unifying AI and BI for flexible data science

Perform advanced analytical tasks on large volumes of data – right in the database, in whatever data science language you want (R, Python, Java ).

Complete freedom to adapt and change

Quickly load and integrate data directly into our analytics database from a range of different data sources – it’s quick to do, with a high throughput. And as we use an open source framework it’s easy to connect to your current IT ecosystem.

Complete cost predictability

We know how challenging it can be to reduce your TCO, while investing in technology that’s going to future-proof your organization.

That’s why we give you complete cost predictability for your cloud, on-premises or hybrid strategy by having a range of completely upfront and clear licensing models designed to match your needs.

#1 Pay as you go

Choose our flexible pay as you go option so that you can save money when not using our analytics database.

#2 Giving you optimal elasticity

By decoupling the storage and computing layer of our analytics database layer you have complete contol on how you up or downsize your cloud analytics. And you’ll have the option to dynamically add or switch -off your compute power.

#3 A fair licensing module

You’ll have complete control over your software and license costs with our BYOL model. We’ve made sure it’s based on raw data – rather than queries, users, or loads which can rack up costs at volume.



You can install and configure our analytics database on your cloud in three easy steps. Plus, it’s fully automated for deployment and your day to day operations.

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