Open and upfront pricing for your cloud or hybrid data strategy.

Whether you’re a small business or large-scale enterprise, we can offer a pricing and service model for our analytics database which gives you complete control over your budget – matched to your requirements.

Choose the cloud pricing model that fits your needs


PAYG – pay as you go license

Buy Exasol directly from the AWS, Azure or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplaces

  • Simply pay for what you use
  • Charged on an hourly basis
  • Automatically billed through the cloud marketplaces
  • Includes enterprise support


BYOL – bring your own license

Just use your existing Exasol license in the cloud or buy a portable license.

  • Portable license can be used on any cloud platform and moved between them whenever you want– and at any time. 
  • Bring-Your-Own license can be used with AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • There are also additional services levels available (platinum, fully managed services)

Choose the service level that fits your needs

Self managed deployment with full enterprise support

You can be the boss of your data and your deployments. Just deploy our analytics database in your public cloud account and use our excellent support services when needed. Our standard PAYG license includes 24×7 incident management – with  hands-on support, whenever you need it.

Self-Managed deployment with additional Monitoring (BYOL only)

With this option you have complete control over your data and its deployment but our Experts are on hand to monitor the health of your system – proactively alerting you of any incidents which require your attention.

Fully managed Service (Database-as-a-service) (BYOL only)

Focus on your business without the hassle of maintaining your database. We can completely manage it for you, including any updates and back-ups. And you can do this either with a fully managed service for deployments in your own account. Or we can save you from the complexity by operating our analytics database in our accounts – and you just connect to it.

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