Training Partners

Our Training Partners are an invaluable resource to help you become educated and trained on all aspects of our data analytics platform.

Working jointly together with you, they’ll design and tailor the training experience to your needs – utilizing their unrivalled training delivery expertise.

Training Partners benefit from:

  • Access to Exasol’s marketing engine
  • Structured consulting, training and certification programs
  • Support in consulting situations and access to Exasol Sales to generate additional opportunities
  • Access to all information about product developments
  • Support during PoCs and in the pre-sales and post-sales process
  • Attractive referral model

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Our Training Partners


Training Partners


Ketl sees themselves as your trusted adviser in all matters data. They take their responsibility to maintaining the integrity of your data project very seriously. As an extension of their IT department, your company priorities become their own.

They love data and helping organizations make the most of it, covering everything from data quality, integration, and migration to warehousing, data analysis, and visualization.

Exasol is part of their preferred stack to deliver prime solutions.

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Training Partners

PCS Pleger

PCS Pleger Consulting & Services supports companies to be always up to date and and helps them navigate our constantly evolving economic world with a high degree of flexibility and creativity.

The PCS team is young but experienced and highly competent in giving their customers top-notch seminars.

Their range of services also includes consulting for companies as well as project management and application development.