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Exasol ensures a tight-knit integration through close relationships with major players in the ETL, BI and data analytics industry.

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Technology partners


Alteryx Analytics understands that companies of all sizes realize the tremendous potential of data, but many struggle with turning that data into something they can take action upon, quickly enough for it to make a difference.

Alteryx provides analysts with the unique ability to easily prepare, blend and analyze all of their data with a certified connector to Exasol for deeper insights in minutes, instead of weeks.


Birst, (parent company: Infor), is the only enterprise business intelligence platform that connects the entire organization through a network of interwoven virtualized BI instances on top a shared common analytical fabric. Birst enterprise BI delivers the speed, self-service, and agility front-line business workers demand, and the scale, security, and control to meet rigorous corporate data standards.

Birst deploys Exasol as their High-Performance Option for customers looking for faster and more versatile analytics.

Blue Yonder

Founded in 2008 by a lead scientist from CERN in 2008, Blue Yonder assists world-class retailers in reducing their out-of-stock rates by as much as 80% and by increasing their revenue and profits  by more than 5%. The company, starting with offices in Germany, now successfully operates in both Europe and the United States.

Proprietary machine learning algorithms, operated in Exasol’s Data warehouse solutions, drive Blue Yonder’s pricing and replenishment solutions.


BOARD helps organizations to reach a single vision of their performance in a simple, extremely effective manner. Information originating from various sources is integrated into a virtual data repository shared by the entire organization thus providing business users with a customised yet unified vision.

Board offers  its customers a dedicated Exasol Connector for their customers, dramatically speeding up analytics in the BOARD environment.


DataVirtuality accesses, manages and integrates any database and cloud service. By combining data virtualization and Extract-Load-Transform (ELT) processes, DataVirtuality is the only solution to enable data infrastructures that are both: agile and high-performing.

DataVirtuality provides a dedicated driver for Exasol to enable fast transfer times.


DBeaver is an open-source multi-platform UI tool for working with Exasol. It provides convenient interface and wide range of various features that makes routine work with database easier and more efficient. DBeaver has supported Exasol since 2016 and received positive feedback from the Enterprise companies around the world.


Dell is the chosen vendor to build Exasol Appliances


HP provides certified hardware solutions for Exasol vustomers.


IBM provides certified hardware solutions for Exasol customers.

Information Builders

One smart platform to operationalize and monetize data in the new connected world.

For organizations where data is integral to success, Information Builders provides the industry’s most scalable software solutions for actionable analytics and trusted data.


Intel offers superior processors and hardware that enable Exasol to build the fastest world’s fastest  analytic in-memory database.


For over 15 years, JetBrains have strived to make the strongest, most effective developer tools on earth. By automating routine checks and corrections, our tools speed up production, freeing developers to grow, discover and create. We help developers work faster by automating common, repetitive tasks; enabling them to stay focused on code design and the big picture.

Microsoft Azure

Exasol provides powerful database solutions on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.


Exasol and MicroStrategy work together to build enterprise-grade Business Intelligence Solutions. Numerous joint customers prove this to be a combination you can trust.

Tableau Logo

Tableau Software

Tableau Software has developed a market-leading visual analysis tool that supports the ideas of data democratization, features easy to-use drag and drop functionality, is supported by a passionate and enthusiastic community and has a native connector to our Exasol database, ensuring a tight integration between the tools.


WhereScape helps IT organizations of all sizes leverage automation to design, develop, deploy, and operate data infrastructure faster. More than 700 customers worldwide rely on WhereScape automation to eliminate hand-coding and other repetitive, time-intensive aspects of IT projects to deliver data warehouses, vaults, lakes and marts in less time.


The technology alliance between Yellowfin and Exasol enables users of the powerful data analytics and visualisation Yellowfin platform to accelerate their BI with the world’s fastest in-memory analytic database Exasol, providing enterprises with better insights for data-driven decisions.