Implementation Partners

Exasol relies on partners that work with organizations to optimize their data and analytics strategy.

Implementation partners benefit from:

  • Access to Exasol’s marketing engine
  • Structured consulting, training and certification programs
  • Support in consulting situations and access to Exasol Sales to generate additional opportunities
  • Access to all information about product developments
  • Support during PoCs and in the pre-sales and post-sales process
  • Attractive referral model

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Implementation Partners


Eoda is a pioneer of the free statistics language R in Germany and offers a comprehensive portfolio for the productive application of R.

The company has proven experience in collaborating with  EXASOL to help customers finish new projects quicker than ever.


IRIX is a leading, independent IT service provider in Switzerland. They offer tailor-made business solutions that focus on the economic benefit of their customers. With their long-standing experience, IRIX is always ready to provide added value for every client.

Exasol is complements  the portfolio to support its high performance solutions.


We are concept-thinkers, project-leaders and implementers. We are cost-reducers and time-savers. We are application-moderators, IT-architects, mainframe-migrator-moderators. Service-managers, software-engineers, database-engineers, data-modelers and analytics-experts. In short, we are the ones, who understand your requirements – and make your applications and infrastructure future-proof and quality-assured. With the latest technologies. With knowledge and method. With competence, consistency and creativity – and always with heart and mind.


Ketl sees themselves as your trusted adviser in all matters data. They take their responsibility to maintaining the integrity of your data project very seriously. As an extension of their IT department, your company priorities become their own.

They love data and helping organizations make the most of it, covering everything from data quality, integration, and migration to warehousing, data analysis, and visualization.

Exasol is part of their preferred stack to deliver prime solutions.

productive-data GmbH

productive-data, based in Hamburg Germany, has been operating as a consulting company since 2008. We have a primary focus on business intelligence and on the introduction, development and operation of large data warehouse solutions. We help customers improve business processes and with the analysis and forecast of substantial, cross-system business data. Our goal is to increase our customers margins, reduce costs and make risks more controllable. For this we make use of various instruments, tools and technologies. The vendors of these tools are mostly long-time companions and reliable business partners. Our client base features predominantly in the retail, banking, insurance, telecommunications and social media sectors.

We conduct our business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.


SEVEN PRINCIPLES supports customers in the implementation of digital business models. They create innovative IT architectures, forming the basis for the sustainable digital transformation. Exasol is  an elementary part of the  digital transformation journey.


Sieger works with passion to deliver what they promise. To reach this high goal, they draw from the expertise and personal engagement of each consultant. Business Intelligence and Management Information Systems, Data Science and Machine Learning and data visualization based on Tableau or Microsoft Power BI are  the companies specialties.

Exasol is being implemented among other fields in the Data Migration and Solutions of Banking and HR.