Working together: KETL and Exasol

KETL, Exasol’s UK training partner, works in partnership with Exasol to help businesses gain better, more accurate data reporting.

This data reporting drives better business performance and enables organisations to thrive in a world where being able to use your data effectively is critical to success. KETL loves data and loves helping organisations make the most of it. The team has worked with many businesses, from ALTOUR to William Hill Online to RAC and Age UK. It helps organisations to place data at the heart of their business in order to deliver the best experience to customers and stakeholders.

KETL works with its clients to bring data from various systems together to drive value. They find the best solutions for their clients’ environment, helping them succeed in the data-driven world.

The KETL team loves working with Exasol. The relationship started through the mutual client, Monsoon Accessorize, and the collaboration has proved incredibly successful for both KETL and its clients.

Good enough is no longer acceptable

Over the last ten years, KETL has seen the data industry grow up. Once batch processing was acceptable, but in the new data world order, speed is of the essence and near-instant reports need to be available 24/7. More than this, data analytics is getting increasingly sophisticated moving from descriptive to predictive and through to prescriptive. KETL needed to respond to these trends, and found that organisations can only move to this level of sophistication if they can analyse their data quickly. Exasol has helped them meet these new requirements.

The future

Working with Exasol has allowed KETL to greatly speed up their data processing as well as reduce database administrative overheads. Not only this, a strong partnership has been formed between the companies. Exasol has helped KETL change the way they go to market and enabled them to innovate with new delivery methods, such as offering solutions on a Platform as a Service basis. By building on Exasol’s technology and by working closely together, KETL is perfectly placed to offer the best solution for its customers.

The business of and for the people

Exasol and KETL have more than clients in common. Their world view, values and ethos fit perfectly.

"From the moment we started using Exasol, we found it to be simple and easy to use. Not only that, it's outrageously fast. We started by writing queries on 12 years of data and they completed so quickly that we questioned whether the database was working. It was. It's accurate, you plug it in, it works. It gets past the bumpiness of balancing loads and ingesting data to give you near-real-time results."

Simon Sleight, Data Scientist